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Death isn't the end of the line for Vietnam vet Luc Devreux, but rather a new beginning. He's resurrected as a Universal Soldier (UNISOL), a human fighting machine with supercharged strength and firepower. Luc's mission in life-after-death is to terminate a former ‘Nam nemesis, Sergeant Scott, whose brainwashed UNISOL mind short circuits and drives him into a rampant shooting spree.


Universal Soldier, now for the Super NES by Accolade's Ballistic publishing division, is very loosely based on Carolco's sci-fi flick of the same name. Don't expect a cohesive story line, cinema intermissions, appearances by actors Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren, or any of that jazz. Instead, the game targets action enthusiasts with solid, side-view, run-'n'-gun gaming, but this commando has a few holes in its camouflage.

Call to Anns

Universal Soldier Movie Download

Luc delves into the death fields with heavy armament. His regular machine gun powers-up to a three-way pistol, a laser, or a bounce shot. He can also crack his gun's built-in Lightning Whip. Luc's coolest, if slightly unbelievable maneuver is the Shirakin. He curls into a saw blade and buzzes along the ground. He's also armed with Power Lines and the screen-killing Super Weapon, a multigun salute to slaughter.

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The weapons are bad to the bullet chamber, and they're fairly easy to handle. However, there's such a thing as too much firepower. The play field is often cluttered with thick clouds of shots, and the incessant laser ricochet sounds can be grating. Also, the never-ending supply of power-ups causes Luc to change weapons faster than an action film star changes agents.

ProTip: Stand on an item block, then crack your whip down on its surface. The power-ups will float right to you!

Evil Empires

Devreux blazes a trail to Scott's fortress through 11 rough, tough, maze-like battlefields. Luc might spend tedious hours, days, even weeks crawling through every nook and crevice to find all the exits and secrets. Thank heavens Ballistic saw fit to include passwords and user-selectable difficulty.The levels may be huge, but thrill-seekers will only come away half satisfied with the world wars. Luc's main threats are precarious leaps from platform to platform, and tiny, weak-looking enemy sprites such as bees, robots, pods, and sludge monsters. The pumped-up bosses and herds of enemy UNISOLS add spark, but don't start a fire.


Duck from a safe distance and shoot the Level 2-1 boss in its eye with the triple-shot gun.

UNISOL Sights and Sounds


Soldier kicks off with a techno-rad title screen track, and at first listen, the music sounds excellent. However, the tunes recycle and eventually wear out their welcome. The game's characters are small for a 16-bit screen, but the background graphics are crisp and colorful. And Luc even has a sharp swagger.

Casualty of War

Universal Soldier, the movie, is a blast from the future, but the Super NES edition plays like an M-80 from the past (the game has strong ties to last year's mediocre Turrican). This game's not a bad way to spend an afternoon or three shootin' and scootin,' but SNES power players may find that Universal Soldier only barely scratches their itchy trigger fingers.

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IMDb: 4.3

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Description: A group of prisoners are going to Vietnam to rescue the daughter of a V-I.P. The Ones who survive get their freedom back...but hell awaits them.
Written by: Darryl Quarles
Produced By: Tamar Dolgen, Lope V. Juban Jr., Brad Krevoy, R.J. Murillo, Steven Stabler

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Cast: Michael Dudikoff, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Tyrin Turner, Jacqueline Obradors, David Barry Gray, Channon Roe, Demetrius Navarro, Cedrick Terrell, Hank Brandt, Don Stroud

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