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Based onCharacters created by Ernest Tidyman
Distributed by
  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (1–3)
  • Turner Entertainment Co. (1–3)
  • Paramount Pictures (4)
  • Warner Bros. Pictures (1-3, 5)
  • Netflix (5)
CountryUnited States
Box officeTotal (4 films): $131,751,966

The Shaft franchise is composed of action-crime films and a television series, centered on a family of African-American police detectives all sharing the name John Shaft, who over the course of the films have altercations with a variety of crime. The first three films are characterized by their blaxploitation characteristics, while the fourth installment is a crime thriller. The fifth entry, however, is a satirical buddy-cop comedy.[1]


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John Shaft[edit]



FilmU.S. release dateDirector(s)Story byScreenwriter(s)Producer(s)
ShaftJuly 2, 1971Gordon ParksErnest Tidyman
and John D. F. Black
Joel Freeman
Shaft's Big Score!June 8, 1972Ernest TidymanErnest Tidyman and Roger Lewis
Shaft in AfricaJune 14, 1973John GuillerminStirling SilliphantRoger Lewis
ShaftJune 16, 2000John SingletonJohn Singleton & Shane SalernoJohn Singleton & Shane Salerno
and Richard Price
John Singleton and Scott Rudin
ShaftJune 14, 2019Tim StoryKenya Barris & Alex BarnowKenya Barris and John Davis

Shaft (1971)[edit]

John Shaft is a classy and suave African-American detective. Successfully, he fights local crime, in the leader of the black crime mob named Bumpy and his gang, and black nationals. The conflicting characters have to put aside their differences when they must defeat the white mafia, who kidnapped Bumpy's daughter in attempts to blackmail him.

Shaft's Big Score! (1972)[edit]

When John Shaft finds out that a dead friend ran an illegal money laundering scheme out of the former's legitimate business and left $200,000 unaccounted for, he discovers the reason why he had suddenly found himself in the middle of a war between rival gangs. The thugs begin a war of taking over the territory that belonged to the deceased, as well as to get their hands on the missing two hundred grand. Shaft has all he can handle trying to track down the money and, at the same time, keep his friend's sister from the clutches of these dangerous groups.

Shaft in Africa (1973)[edit]

John Shaft is persuaded to take on the faux identity of a native-speaking worker in Africa by threats of violence, the enticings of money, and the lure of a potential love interest in his tutor. While undercover he must help in completing a coup on a business that is smuggling immigrants into Europe, and then exploiting them. The villains, unfortunately for him, know he is coming.

Shaft (2000)[edit]

New York City Police Detective John Shaft II, son of the 1970s cop,[a] is the lead detective on a sensitive case when a young African-American is viciously beaten to death. After learning there was an eye-witness and upon further investigation, the man's friends lead Shaft on the trail of a man who was known to have racial prejudice, prior to the attack. The titular character confronts him and learns that he's Walter Wade Jr., the son of a wealthy real estate tycoon. He finds evidence that the perpetrator was at the location of the crime. The suspect is released on bail because of 'excessive force' from Shaft during his arrest, and flees the country. Two years later, Wade returns to the U.S. where Shaft arrests him for evading law enforcement. After the judge grants him bail, Shaft questions the magistrate's motives and intentions. He resigns from the police force and sets out to lock Wade away permanently. At the same time Wade fears that Shaft may find the witness before he does and hires a drug lord to find and kill her.

Shaft (2019)[edit]

John Shaft III, also known as JJ, is a cyber security expert for the FBI who seeks out a different kind of expertise from his absentee father John Shaft II (and ultimately, grandfather John Shaft I) after his best friend's untimely death.

In discussing the film, director Tim Story stated, '...We’re going to definitely make sure the stakes in the world are real, and then you’ve got these characters who are dealing with kind of a father/son situation, we’re going to see them put a family back together.'[2]


SeriesSeasonEpisodesFirst releasedLast releasedShowrunner(s)Network(s)
Shaft17October 9, 1973February 19, 1974TBACBS

Shaft (1973–1974)[edit]

Following the box office failure of Shaft in Africa, the studio moved the franchise to the small screen in 1973. A collection of TV movies, the series was released on CBS network television. The show attempted to build crossovers with another crime-drama, Hawkins, but never garnered much success. Each episode features a different case and a different crime for the titular character to solve. The series was cancelled after one season, due to poor ratings. Richard Roundtree, who reprised his role from the films, has since expressed his distaste for the TV show.[3]

Cast and crew[edit]


The film series contains three main stars, with various key characters appearing in each individual movie. The following chart organizes the films' stars, arranged by film.

CharacterFilmsTelevision series
ShaftShaft's Big Score!Shaft in AfricaShaftShaftShaft
197119721973200020191973 – 1974
John ShaftRichard Roundtree
Bumpy JonasMoses Gunn
Ben BufordChristopher St. John
WillyDrew Bundini Brown
Gus MascolaJoseph Mascolo
Emir RamilaCy Grant
A.V. RamilaAvelio Falana
Col. GondorMarne Maitland
Lt. Al RossiEddie Barth
John Shaft IISamuel L. Jackson
Peoples HernandezJeffrey Wright
Carmen VasquezVanessa Williams
RasaanTrevor 'Busta Rhymes'
Smith, Jr.
Diane PalmieriToni Collette
Walter Wade, Jr.Christian Bale
John 'JJ' Shaft IIIJessie T. Usher
Sasha AriasAlexandra Shipp
Maya BabanikosRegina Hall


Isaac Hayes & Johnny AllenUrs FurrerHugh A. RobertsonShaft Productions,
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer100 minutes
Shaft's Big Score!Gordon ParksHarry Howard104 minutes
Shaft in AfricaJohnny PateMarcel GrignonMax BenedictMetro-Goldwyn-Meyer,
Shaft Productions, Ltd.
112 minutes
(TV series)
Michael Hugo & Keith C. SmithPeter Kirby & George Folsey, Jr.MGM TelevisionCBS Network73 minutes
David ArnoldDonald E. ThorinJohn Bloom & Antonia Van DrimmelenShaft Productions,
Paramount Pictures,
New Deal Productions,
Scott Rudin Productions,
Munich Film Partners & Company
Paramount Pictures99 minutes
Christopher LennertzLarry BlanfordConrad Buff IVNew Line Cinema,
Khalab Ink Society,
Davis Entertainment,
Netflix Original Films,
Warner Bros. Pictures,
Warner Bros. Digital Networks
Warner Bros. Pictures111 minutes


Box office performance[edit]

FilmRelease dateBox office grossBox office rankingBudgetRef.
North AmericaOther territoriesWorldwideAll time
North America
All time
Shaft(1971)July 2, 1971$12,121,618N/A$12,121,618#4,476#5,704$500,000[citation needed][4]
Shaft's Big Score!June 8, 1972$10,000,000N/A$10,000,000#4,875#6,204$1,978,000[5]
Shaft in AfricaJune 14, 1973$1,455,635$1,079,615$2,440,240[b]N/AN/A$2,142,000[7][6]
Shaft(2000)June 16, 2000$70,327,868$36,862,240$107,190,108#1,086#1,377$53,012,938[8]
Shaft(2019)June 14, 2019$21,360,215N/A$21,360,215TBATBA$30,000,000[9]

Critical and public response[edit]

FilmRotten TomatoesMetacriticCinemaScore
Shaft(1971)88% (40 reviews)[10]66 (10 reviews)[11]N/A
Shaft's Big Score!68% (11 reviews)[12]N/AN/A
Shaft in Africa56% (9 reviews)[13]N/AN/A
Shaft(2000)67% (115 reviews)[14]50 (33 reviews)[15]A-[16]
Shaft(2019)31% (99 reviews)[17]40 (30 reviews)[18]A[16]

See also[edit]

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According to writer/director, Quentin Tarantino, the characters in Django Unchained are ancestors of John Shaft. Broomhilda 'Hildi' von Schaft, and Django Freeman as her husband, are the progenitors to the Shaft family line. Tarantino stated that while the film isn't an official prequel to the series, his intention was that the characters have familial ties.[19]


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  1. ^The 2019 sequel retcons him into being Shaft II's biological father, the film mentioning that Shaft I had spent years pretending to be his uncle.
  2. ^Because there are no box office numbers available for Shaft in Africa, these figures are calculated off of home video rental sales.[6]


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