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Sample Invoice Template - Download Free Documents in Word. FREE 6+ Rent Invoice Samples in DOCX PDF XLSX.

GCC VAT Invoice Template With Discount is an excel template for tax invoice for businesses who give discounts to their customers.

According to Article 39 of Federal Decree Law No. 8, the value of supply will be reduced by any discounts or subsidies offered.

Article 39 – Value of Supply in Case of Discounts, Subsidies, and Vouchers

Rent Receipt Template Free Download

Article 59 of Cabinet Decision number 52 – Executive Regulation, point number (1) describes the contents of tax invoice. As per the ruling, the discounts are offered are to be deducted after adding the tax amount.

Rent Receipt Template – 9+ Free Word, Excel, PDF Format. Invoice Book Template CorelDraw Design Cdr file Free Download. Oct 4, 2017 - A rent receipt is a useful piece of document which is offered by a landlord to the tenant on the deposit of the rental due to the latter. Free download invoice sample rent a car word Files at Software Informer. AFG Rent a Car is a powerful program that enables you to control everything about rental contracts (Daily-weekly and monthly).

Article 59 – Tax Invoices

Taking into consideration the above rulings, we have created an excel template for GCC VAT Invoice With Discounts with predefined formulas.

This template can be helpful to all cashiers, account assistants, accountants and finance professionals. Just change the basic details in the header section and start using the template.

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As this template is for all 6 GCC Countries, you need to select the country from the drop-down menu given in the blue box beside the invoice format.

As you select the desired country, the currencies in all place will automatically change. See image below:

Let us discuss the contents of VAT Invoice Template in detail now.

Content of GCC VAT Invoice Template With Discount

This template workbook consists of two worksheets. one is the GCC VAT Invoice Template and second is the customer database sheet.

The customer database sheet contains the details of the customer to be used in customer details section of the invoice.

Using data validation and VLOOKUP Function, this sheet is connected to the GCC VAT Invoice Template with Discount.

The invoice template has 4 parts:

  1. Supplier’s Details
  2. Customer’s/Buyer’s Details
  3. Goods or Services Details
  4. Tax Calculations and Other Details.
Rent Invoice Template Free Download

1. Supplier’s Details

Supplier’s details mean your company details. Enter your company name, logo, address etc in this section.

2. Customer’s/Buyer’s Details

This section contains details of customer like his company name, address, contact details and VAT number.

In the first line under customer section comes the customer name. This cell is programmed with data validation tool. Select the name you want from the drop-down list.

When you select the customer name, it will automatically update other customer details like address, contact information and his VAT number as you have entered in customer database sheet.

You just need to update the Customer Database sheet only once.

3. Goods or Services Details

In Goods and services details, you need to enter the goods sold to customers or services provided.

It contains 4 columns; quantity, currency, the rate per unit and the line total amount. The amount column automatically the line total.

Quantity X Rate = Line Total.

At the end, the subtotal of the invoice items has been made, which is used to calculate the tax amount.

4. Tax Calculations and Other Details

Rent Invoice Template Free Download

VAT Tax calculation is calculated at a flat rate of 5 % as per the ruling. Then comes the discount amount column. Enter the percentage of discount you are offering or you can directly enter the amount.

Rental billing statement template

Rent Receipt Template Word Free Download

Final Invoice Total is calculated according to the below formula:

Subtotal + 5% VAT – Discounts = Total Amount.

In addition to that, the “Amount in words”, Terms & Conditions, Company seal and signature section are also there in this section.

That’s it, your GCC VAT compliant invoice is ready. Start using this ready to use and easy template.

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A rent receipt template is a form that allows a tenant to mark their monthly rent as paid. Most commonly for the use of cash payment by the tenant to their landlord. The receipt should only be filled in after the funds are transferred to the landlord. The form may be issued ‘on the spot’ with the landlord completing the amount and how the payment was made.

Security Deposit Receipt – Use when a tenant makes an initial deposit to the landlord at the start of a lease.
  • What is a Rent Receipt?
  • How to Accept Rent Online

A rent receipt acknowledges a rent payment made by a tenant. This is usually in the form of cash but can be for credit cards and physical checks as well to show the tenant paid on time. The receipt consists of the amount paid, property address, payment source, and most importantly the landlord’s signature.


Step 1 – Collect / Pay Rent

The tenant pays the rent, in accordance with their rental agreement, to the landlord. If a receipt is needed then the payment is usually done in cash. The landlord will then write the amount paid and for the rental period.

Step 2 – Landlord’s Signature

It is imperative that the landlord sign the receipt as it is the only proof the tenant will have that rent was paid.

Step 3 – Keeping the Receipt

The tenant will be handed the receipt and should be stored safely in the chance the landlord tries to bring a claim for non-payment.

Paying rent online is now popular more than ever. Especially with most sites offering it as a free service to try and obtain the landlord as a customer for performing tenant screening (background and credit reports).

As a landlord, this is very easy to set up and only requires signup and uploading their bank documents. Afterward, the rent collection company will contact the tenant and inform them of their ways to pay online.

Step 1 – Signup with a Website

Use the table below to find the best option that works for you. After signup, include your property details and get verified to accept credit cards and bank deposits by submitting your personal or business entity information.

Best Websites to Get Paid

As you can see below, is the best online resource to collect rent online with free ACH payments and 2.75% credit card fees.

Estimate Template Free Download

WebsitesACH FeeCredit Card FeeMonthly Subscription$2.503.5%Yes, it depends on the number of units.$02.95%$0$02.75%$0$12.95% + $0.50 and setup fees.$10 or free if at least 10 transactions per month$2.502.75%Yes, it depends on the number of units.$4.952.95%$0

Step 2 – Alert Your Tenants

Alert your tenants that now they can pay rent online, often with no fee, for making ACH payments online. This is also a convenient way to pay as the rent will be processed directly from the tenant’s bank account on the 1st of every month.

Step 1 – Download the Document in Adobe PDF (.pdf), Microsoft Word (.docx), and OpenText Document (.odt) – To issue a rental receipt, begin by providing the following:

  • Date the receipt in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • Enter the receipt number
  • Name of tenant
  • The amount paid to the landlord

Step 2 – Premises Location – Enter:

  • The address of the premises for which payment is made
  • Method of payment
  • The person who has received the payment
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Submit Landlord’s signature

Invoice Template

Provide the original copy to the tenant