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Download Prezi Presentation Templates: is an independent marketplace for ready-made Prezi templates. These vibrant sample prezi presentation templates are available in multiple formats and several fun themes. 49+ FREE PRESENTATION Templates - Download Now Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Google Docs, Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT), Apple (MAC) Pages, Adobe Illustrator (AI), Apple (MAC) Keynote, Google Slides. Prezi Templates – 62+ Free PEZ, PPT, EPS Format Download! Prezi templates are an advanced alternative to powerpoint presentations. Slidescarnival menyediakan template PPT free download dan juga bisa digunakan langsung di google slide. Templates Office menyediakan pilih dari ribuan. Download Prezi Desktop for Windows now from Softonic: 100% safe and virus free. More than 3986 downloads this month. Download Prezi Desktop latest ver.

You’ll find thousands of free templates on the web, but they’re not going to look as good as the templates in this article. Grab a cup of coffee if you intend to read the whole thing, or at least bookmark this page so you can come back later. Either way, get ready because this is a massive list of the top 100 free PowerPoint templates in the entire web! Many of these slides are designed by 24Slides, a team of over 120 presentation designers ready to work on both templates or custom presentations!

Top Free Corporate PowerPoint Templates

  1. SWOT PowerPoint Template Pack (10 slides)

Use this template pack to help decision makers in your organisation. Do a detailed analysis. Showcase your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).

  1. Corporate Data Presentation Template Pack (9 slides)

For corporate presentations, it’s important to cut out technical jargon. Otherwise, you could potentially turn off any potential investors in the crowd. For best results, use this template pack to convey your message. Break your data into bite-size chunks of information.

  1. Corporate PowerPoint Template Pack (14 slides)

When giving corporate presentations, you need to be as thorough as possible. This is why this template pack includes the whole shebang. From an agenda slide to product slides to sales charts slides, we’ve got the goods for you!

  1. Finance PowerPoint Template Mini-Pack (5 slides)

Sorting out your company’s finances and presenting it to the board or your shareholders isn’t an easy job. Use this template pack to present your company’s financial statement. You can also share your income, expenditure breakdown, and your financial quarterly progress.

  1. Copywriter Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template (21 slides)

Talented copywriters are in-demand nowadays. Make a name for yourself in this highly profitable industry. Use this template pack to present your services to your target clientele. It’s got everything you need to help you succeed in the copywriting world!

  1. Budget PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

Solid budgeting skills are necessary to achieve any kind of financial success. Without it, you’ll be blowing your money on unnecessary expenses. That being said, use this template pack to present your budget and your project expenses (and savings) in a visually attractive manner.

  1. Start-up Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template (19 slides)

If you’ve got a start-up or you work for one, you need to check out this template pack right now. You don’t want to waste your time building a pitch deck from scratch. Instead, spend all your energy looking for the right investors for your start-up!

  1. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

If you’re on the lookout for investors to help fund your new digital currency, then this template pack is for you. This will help you outline your proposal and ICO options to potential investors. You can even include a detailed forecast on how your digital currency is going to perform in the future.

  1. Light Corporate PowerPoint Template Pack (14 slides)

When introducing your company to new clients, you want to come across as trustworthy. This template pack uses a light color theme that’s easy on the eyes. It will help you project an image of a thorough professional that the audience can trust.

  1. 26 Slide Corporate Template Pack (26 slides)

Corporate meetings and presentations can often be long and boring. If you want to make sure everyone listens to your presentation, then you better bring your A game with you. Save precious time and use the slides from this template pack. So, you can focus on becoming a better and more confident presenter!

  1. Consulting Presentation Template (21 slides)

Building a solid reputation as a skilled consultant can be very lucrative. You’ll be the go-to person of various companies in your industry. But getting to that position takes a lot of hard work and patience. Download this template pack and use it to persuade new clients to work with you.

  1. Business Presentation Template Pack (20 slides)

This template pack will help you get through most types of business presentations. It includes an organizational chart, a mind map, various diagrams, and even a social media analysis slide.

  1. Freelance Marketer Sales Deck Template (10 slides)

Showcase your marketing skills and your track record by using this template pack. Impress your potential clients by outlining your plan of action. Demonstrate how you can help them reach new levels of success.

  1. Problem Solving PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

There aren’t too many free PowerPoint templates out there that will help you solve problems quickly. Fortunately for you, we’ve got just the right template pack for your problem solving needs.

  1. Management Consulting PowerPoint Template Pack (10 slides)

Are you looking to get a few clients for your consulting business? If yes, this template pack is for you. It will not only help you showcase your experience. You can also use it to show potential clients the different ways you can help them.

  1. Project Management PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

Good teamwork is necessary for project management success. Make sure everyone on your team is on the same page. Use the slides in this template pack to let your team know what your project’s goals and deliverables are. Inform them what the project life cycle is, and so much more.

  1. Digital Marketing PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

This template pack is perfect for digital marketers. There are several slides to help you outline your various digital marketing strategies.

  1. Social Media Analysis PowerPoint Template Pack (10 slides)

Use this template pack to present the results of your social media analysis. Identify your target market, plan your content, and analyze the competition. Figure out how you can use various social media channels to your advantage.

  1. Team Slides PowerPoint Template Pack (10 slides)

Acknowledging your team’s hard work is important. Use this template to give your teammates special recognition and boost their morale. Add their photographs. Write down their roles and most notable contributions.

  1. Business Roadmap PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

Present your company’s roadmap or strategy to success using this template pack. Let your shareholders and investors in on your strategy. This way, they’ll feel excited about what’s to come!

  1. Academic Presentation PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

Got an academic presentation coming up? Well, check out this template pack and see if it fits your requirements. To begin with, you can list down your group mates and draw a timeline of your project. Also, add charts and diagrams for whatever your presentation is all about! The template is not limited for student use – even teachers can use it!

  1. Pyramid Chart PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

We’ve created several pyramid charts and packaged it into a single template pack just for you. Slides include the 5-step flat pyramid, triangles pyramid, 3 stages pyramid, and more!

  1. Balanced Scorecard PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

Creating a balanced scorecard presentation from scratch is time-consuming. If you use this template, all you need to worry about is replacing the placeholder text with your content. It’s got an overview slide of the scorecard as well as individual slides for the four different perspectives. These are (1) learning and growth, (2)internal business processes, (3) customer, and (4) financial perspectives.

  1. CSR Analysis PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

Nowadays, businesses shouldn’t be all about making some profit. Consumers prefer to do business with companies who give back to the community. Make a case for why your company should implement corporate social responsibility. Download this template pack right now!

  1. Stakeholder Analysis PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

Use this template pack to present the results of your in-depth stakeholder analysis. Slides include the matrix slide, key factors slide, and stakeholder analysis cycle slide.

  1. Competitor Analysis PowerPoint Template (9 slides)

Want to put your business ahead of the competition? Then do a thorough competitor analysis. Use this template pack to present your results in the best possible way!

  1. Corporate Gantt Chart Template Pack (9 slides)

There are plenty of Gantt chart PPT templates on the web. But there aren’t too many that are specifically designed for corporate presentations. Download this template pack to share your plans and schedules for your corporate projects.

  1. Product Hunt Pitch Deck Template (24 slides)

If you’re looking for the ultimate pitch deck template, this is it. It’s professionally designed and data-driven. You’ve got all the slides you need to successfully pitch your startup to potential investors!

  1. Soft Consulting Template Pack (10 slides)

Sure, there are other consulting templates in this round-up article. But, this is one of the few ones that use a ‘soft’ color palette. If you want a professional template that’s easy on the eyes, then you need to download this right now.

  1. Corporate Package of 20 Slides Template Pack (20 slides)

First impressions last. This is why you always want to make a good impression on your audience. Use the graphs, tables, maps, and charts in this template pack to introduce your company or brand. You can get your own business presentation design created by the team at 24Slides, very similar to this template!

Top Free Data (Tables, Graphs and Charts) PowerPoint Templates

  1. Science Graph PowerPoint Template (5 slides)

Looking for the perfect PPT template for your Science presentation? This template pack includes slides where you can detail your step-by-step scientific experiment. Plus, you can also present your results using graphs and charts!

Prezi Powerpoint Presentation Free Download

  1. Graph, Diagram & Data Sheet PowerPoint Template (6 slides)

Nobody wants to read huge walls of text on your slides. Use graphs and diagrams to present your data. Start by downloading this free template pack today!

  1. Block Chain Data PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

You’ll find this PPT template pack to be more than enough for your blockchain presentation needs. Use this for informative presentations on blockchain technology. Or, even if you’re trying to get investors to fund your startup.

  1. Cockpit Chart Presentation Template (10 slides)

Choose from several dashboard and cockpit charts in this template pack. It will help you present key performance indicators to higher management and stakeholders.

  1. Generic Data Driven PowerPoint Template (6 slides)

Capture your audience’s attention with this stylish template pack. It includes slides like line chart with comments slide, statistics slide, line and pie chart graphs, etc.

  1. Matrix Chart PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

If you’re looking to compare different sets of data in your presentation, then you should definitely download this template pack. It includes a probability and impact matrix chart, table-like matrix chart, and basic matrix chart slide.

  1. Stair Diagram PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

Stair diagrams are great for showing progress or sequence of steps. Use this free template pack and use diagrams like the project development stair diagram, steps stair diagram, and upward facing arrow stair diagram.

  1. Organizational Chart PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

There are a couple different ways to create organizational charts for your presentation. You can either use SmartArt in PowerPoint or you can download this free template pack and save tons of time in the process!

  1. Flow Chart PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

You don’t have to create process flow charts or organizational flow charts from scratch. Download this free template pack today and save precious time!

  1. Tables PowerPoint Template Pack (10 slides)

You can easily create tables in PowerPoint. But if you don’t want to waste hours of your time designing tables from scratch, then you should definitely download this free template pack. Slides include a matrix organization structure table, subscription table, and table with symbols slide.

  1. Pie Chart PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

If you need to use pie charts in your presentation, then look no further than this template pack. It includes several different kinds of pie charts. It has a pie chart doughnut chart slide, pie charts yearly performance slide, and a pie charts and world map slide.

  1. Venn Diagram PowerPoint Template (9 slides)

Our Venn diagram PPT template pack gives you several options. You can choose from a 2 or 3-circle Venn diagram slide or even a multiple-circle Venn diagram slide.

  1. Data Driven Financial Templates (11 slides)

Analyzing financial data can be a complicated process all on its own. This is why we’ve created this template pack for you. So you can focus on perfecting your presentation and not have to worry about creating your PPT slides from scratch!

  1. Dashboard Template Pack (10 slides)

Let your audience look at your most important data on a single slide. This is where dashboard charts shine. Choose from a variety of area charts, line charts, and combo charts for your presentation.

  1. Financial Pie Graphs PowerPoint Templates (3 slides)

Present your company’s financial picture using the slides in this free template pack. There are different pie charts for you to choose from. This will help you paint the most accurate picture of your company or project’s finances.

  1. Financial Data Driven PowerPoint Templates (3 slides)

In addition to the financial pie charts in #45, you may also want to use this template pack for your financial presentations. We’ve included a data-driven column chart slide, a line-chart slide, and financial data-driven bar charts.

  1. Presentation Template for Revenue Data Template Pack (3 slides)

Presenting revenue data doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply replace the placeholder text with your data, and you’re good to go!

  1. Sales Reports Presentation Templates (3 slides)

Use the slides from this template to track your company’s sales and profits. You can present monthly, quarterly, or yearly sales data in your report.

  1. Risk Matrix Presentation Templates (3 slides)

Share your risk assessment with your audience using this template pack. The 3 template slides included are 3D creative risk matrix slide, professional risk matrix slide, and chess risk matrix slide.

  1. Research & Development Data Templates(3 slides)

Impress your audience and use this template to present the different stages of your R&D process. You can also use a pie chart and stacked area chart to visualize your progress.

Top Free Organization and Planning PowerPoint Templates

  1. Creative Timeline PowerPoint Template Pack (10 slides)

We’ve featured other timeline templates in this article, but this just may be one of the best-looking ones. Check it out and give your audience a visual treat during your presentation.

  1. 7S Framework PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

If you’re doing a presentation on 7S framework, then you should download this template. It has all the slides you need to present the 7 key points in the framework. These are Strategy, Structure, Skill, Staff, System, Style and Shared Value slides.

  1. Timeline PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

There’s no such thing as too many timeline templates for your presentations. If you’re looking for a green-themed template pack, then check out this timeline template. It includes slides like a horizontal daily timeline, vertical timeline by quarter, and yearly timeline with comments slide.

  1. Explaining the “Who and Where” Presentation Template Pack (10 slides)

Efficiency is key to an organization’s success. Use this template pack to clearly define everyone’s roles and responsibilities. Make sure you assign the right tasks to the right team members.

  1. Explaining the ‘What’ Templates (10 slides)

There’s no better template pack to explain to everyone what’s going on in your organization. You can use the flow chart slide, matrix distribution slide, and puzzle pieces slide for your presentation.

  1. Explaining ‘How’ Presentation Template (10 slides)

This PPT template pack aims to help you present your answers to the question, “How?” For example, you can answer questions like, “How to reach your goals?” or “How to maximize profits and reduce expenses?”

  1. Strategy PowerPoint Template Pack (10 slides)

The right strategy can catapult your business to new heights. Use this template pack to show your audience how you intend to go about achieving success. Slides include goal breakdown, market variables, as well as a target and actions slide.

  1. Project Analysis PowerPoint Template Pack (10 slides)

Improve your project’s chances for success. Use this template pack to identify your project’s weak points. Use the project flowchart slide, high-level statistics slide, and 2×2 matrix slide to assess your project.

  1. Halloween PowerPoint Template (16 slides)

Download this fun and innovative template pack for your Halloween-themed PowerPoint presentations. Introduce your team, your services, and your pricing structure using this free template.

  1. Scrum Process PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

Download this free template pack for presentations that tackle the scrum process / framework. It includes slides like scrum process flow slide, scrum framework at a glance slide, daily scrum meeting slide, and more.

  1. Growth Process PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

Share your company’s growth strategy using this template pack. There’s an overview slide, a growth process factor slide, Ansoff matrix growth process slide, and more!

  1. Planning Slides PowerPoint Template Pack (10 slides)

Every organization – no matter how small – goes through a planning process. To share your plans for the future, use this template pack. Impress your audience with your professionally-designed slides.

  1. Waterfall Diagram PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

It can be pretty difficult to share numerical data in a presentation. But with the Waterfall template, you’ll simply need to delete the placeholder text and plug in your data. You’ll have a ready-made presentation in minutes!

  1. Agenda PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

Increase your team’s productivity and efficiency by using this template pack in your next meeting. Stop beating around the bush and let everyone know what’s on the agenda.

  1. Timeline Pictures PowerPoint Template (9 slides)

Use this template pack if you want to stand out from similar-looking timelines. Instead of using plain text or the usual icons, this template allows you to quickly insert images and pictures to your slides.

  1. PEST Diagram PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

Make better business decisions by conducting a PEST analysis. When you’re ready to present your results, use this template pack. It includes a PEST diagram overview slide as well as individual slides for the 4 factors (political, economic, social, and technological).

  1. Life Cycle Diagram PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

You can use this versatile template pack for product life cycle presentations. There are different diagrams that depict the 5 stages of a product’s life cycle. Feel free to use the slides you think will impress your audience the most.

  1. Presentation Checklist Template Pack (10 slides)

Checklists or to-do lists will help you and your team accomplish a lot. The good news is you’re not limited to just using this template pack for your presentation. You can also print it out, so no one ever forgets the tasks assigned to them.

  1. Organizational Chart Templates (10 slides)

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill organizational charts. This 10-slide template pack includes horizontal and vertical hierarchical org charts. A curved vertical line org chart slide is also included.

  1. Circle Diagrams Presentation Templates (10 slides)

When presenting circular flows (for example, the process of exchanging goods and services), it’s best to use circle diagrams. We’ve included different kinds of circle diagrams in this template pack. So, it’s highly unlikely you’re going to run out of options!

  1. HR Presentation Slide Templates (10 slides)

From the agenda slide to the human resource plan and meet the HR team slide, this template pack covers all your HR presentation needs. Check it out right now!

  1. Management Teamwork PowerPoint Template (3 slides)

Use this presentation template to assign tasks to your team members. We’ve also included a handy teamwork flow slide so everyone can see the big picture!

  1. Science Gantt PowerPoint Template (3 slides)

Download this template pack if you need to present Gantt charts for your Science presentation. Slides feature a monthly, tri-monthly and annual Gantt charts.

  1. Before After Presentation Slides (3 slides)

If you’re looking for comparison slides, or those that show the ‘before’ and ‘after,’ then you should definitely check out this template pack. You can compare marketing, sales and factory performance using this template.

  1. Women Leadership PowerPoint Template (3 slides)

The slides included in this template pack use soft, feminine colors. It’s perfect for presenting the female leaders in your organization. You can add their photos, short bio as well as their accomplishments.

Top Free Text-based PowerPoint Templates

  1. Investor Relations Presentation Template (3 slides)

Use this template pack when pitching ideas to potential investors. The slides are professionally designed so you don’t need to do much editing apart. Just replace the dummy text with your ideas!

  1. Generic Text Slides Templates (3 slides)

Use this template pack to supplement the other slides in your presentation. The template includes a yearly events slide, team members slide, and an area chart slide.

  1. Text Slides Sales Presentation Template (3 slides)

Download this template pack for your next sales presentation. It includes a sales text slide, a sales text column slide, and a sales text and image slide.

  1. Digital Marketing Presentation Templates (3 slides)

If you want to succeed online, then you need to master the art of digital marketing. Use this template pack to explain to your audience what digital media marketing is all about. Show them how they can possibly use it to their advantage.

  1. Android Mobile Presentation Template Pack (3 slides)

Use this template pack to promote your Android mobile app to both users and investors. Highlight the main features of your app and any problems it aims to solve.

  1. General Agenda Presentation Template (3 slides)

If you’re in need of a stylish agenda template, then look no further than this pack. It’s only got 3 slides, but it should be enough for most agenda meetings.

Top Free Maps PowerPoint Templates

  1. Maps of the World PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

If you’re in need of a high-quality world map template, then you need to download this pack right now. Slides include several world maps, USA map, Australia map, Africa map, and a Brazil map.

  1. Asia Map PowerPoint Template (9 slides)

Asia is the largest continent in the world. If you need to show a map of Asia in your PowerPoint, then this is the right template for you. We’ve included an Asia map pie chart slide, an Asia map transport and logistics slide, and an Asia map steps slide.

  1. USA Map PowerPoint Template (9 slides)

If your company operates solely in the United States, then you should check out this template for your next presentation. This is helpful if you want to showcase your key statistics in various cities or states. You can also give more info about your key operations and main offices.

  1. South America Map PowerPoint Template (9 slides)

This special template pack includes several maps of the entire South American continent. Use this to highlight key places and statistics in South America whether it be for business or academic presentations.

  1. North American Map PowerPoint Template (9 slides)

From Canada down to the USA and Mexico, this North American template pack will help you showcase your company’s presence in this continent. Compare and contrast the different countries. It will also help you figure out the most profitable locations for your business.

  1. Europe Map PowerPoint Template (9 slides)

Use the free European map template to highlight some key info and statistics about your European offices and stores. We’ve included a handy pie charts slide, a delivery and shipment slide, a company HQ and retail stores slide, and more.

  1. Australia Maps PowerPoint Template (3 slides)

If you don’t know it already, Australia is not just a country. It’s also the world’s smallest continent. This free template pack is great for companies that operate in cities and states down under.

Top Free Miscellaneous PowerPoint Template

Prezi Style Powerpoint Template Free Download

  1. Fashion PowerPoint Template Pack (10 slides)

For your fashion-industry presentations, you need a stylish and visually attractive template. This template pack doesn’t only look good, but it also offers a lot of value. You can present the yearly trend and the past timelines in your industry. You can even compare various fashion metrics.

  1. Creative 2019 Calendar PowerPoint Template (13 slides)

You can use this stylish calendar template pack for your PowerPoint presentation. Or you can print it out and hang it up on your wall. Either way, you’re not going to be disappointed. This pack is truly one of the best-designed calendar templates on 24Slides!

  1. Time Slide Deck PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

We’ve only got 24 hours in a day. If you want to make the most of your time and be as productive as possible, then you may want to plan out every hour of the day. This template pack includes slides like the hour breakdown slide, time allocation slide, and time efficiency slide.

  1. Energy PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

Use this PowerPoint template to explain the different sources of energy. We’ve also included a statistics slide as well as technical details slide. Inform your audience about the different energy services you offer!

  1. Real Estate PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

The real estate industry is booming. It’s also highly competitive. Use this template pack to stand out from your competitors and get property owners to use your services. Likewise, you can also use this template to welcome potential buyer. This way, they’ll know what to expect when they purchase a new house or property.

  1. Health Care PowerPoint Template (10 slides)

It’s our goal to help you promote your healthcare services to the right audience. We’ve included a human anatomy diagram, a treatment lifecycle slide, and more, in this awesome template pack.

  1. Bachelor Thesis Presentation Pack (10 slides)

Your thesis is the most important academic paper you’re going to write in college or university. Download this free template pack for your thesis presentation. Spend the majority of your time practicing your speech instead of creating your slides from scratch!

Top Free Presentation Icons PowerPoint Template

  1. Basic Icons PowerPoint Template (3 slides)

These icons will look great in any of the free template packs I’ve listed in this article. Note that these are vector-based icons. So, you can resize and edit them according to your liking.

  1. Financial Icons PowerPoint Template (3 slides)

There are several financial templates that made it to this top 100 free PowerPoint templates list. Use these icons in conjunction with those templates or even in slides you’ve made from scratch!

  1. Corporate Color Icon Pack (1 slide)

There are 16 free icons included in this template pack. As you can see, these icons are universal in nature and are easily understood. Feel free to download and use the icons however you see fit!

  1. Strategy Presentation Icons (3 slides)

Spice up your next agenda meeting or strategy presentation. Use any or all these icons in your presentation slides!

  1. General PowerPoint Icons Template (3 slides)

Download these icons for your next business or academic presentation. The icons come in 3 different styles: black-color filled, yellow-color filled, and green-color filled, so you’ve got quite a few choices for your presentation!

Have You Downloaded Your Favorite Templates Yet?

The top 100 free templates in this list come with no strings attached. The Template Hub will always be free and available to anyone in need of high-quality, professionally-designed PowerPoint templates.

Making a Presentation is hard work, so we wanted to make it a bit easier for you!
Enjoy our collection of Free Prezi templates that you can use to jump-start your next presentation.
Let us handle the design part, so you won’t have to waste your time!

Interactive Media Prezi

A media and technology related template with a multimedia display screen. A great Prezi suitable for any presentation topic.

Circle Diagram Template

Get creative with colors! A multipurpose Prezi Next template with a colorful circle diagram on a dark world map background.

Prezi Business Overview

Want people to learn about your company? Use this urban themed Prezi template for introducing your business or organization.

The Future Template

Use this free Prezi Next template for presenting about new technology solutions or talk about virtual and augmented reality.

Prezi Mind Map

Ready to create a mind map? There’s no better way than using this Free Prezi template with a classic and colorful hive design.

Prezi Calendar Timeline

Use this Free Prezi template for introducing your plans and projects. Make a custom timeline Prezi with this calendar template.

Solve the Puzzle

Is something puzzling your mind? A free template for Prezi Next featuring a 3D puzzle wall and a man carrying a large puzzle piece.

Prezi Line Chart

Use this free Prezi Next template for building a custom line chart and turn boring numbers into a visually engaging presentation.

Prezi Bar Graph

Use this free Prezi Next template for building a unique bar graph with colorful squares forming columns on a 3D grid background.

World Map Prezi

The world is a small place, so here’s a minimal world map Prezi template for zooming and presenting your ideas on a large scale.

Medical Screen Template

Use this free Prezi Next template for talking about healthcare, hospital or any other medical related topic or business.

Prezi Next CV

Showcase your skills, talents and impress your future boss with a creative online CV presentation made in Prezi Next.

Climb to Success

BEST REUSABLE PREZI DESIGN in the Prezi Awards 2015 competition. A creative 3D business graph free prezi template with business people silhouettes climbing.

A Few Things About Me

Prezi Template for a Prezume (CV, Prezi resume) presentation. Present about yourself: education, hobbies, work, things you love or hate

Creative Cubes Free 3D

A simple yet very powerful free Prezi Template with just 1 design element: A single 3D cube: create endless designs concepts.

Free Workflow Prezi Template

Free Prezi template for creating a workflow related presentation. Describe a process and the necessary steps. Includes various blue shapes that you can combine.

3D Modular Prezi Template

Free prezi template with a modular concept. 3D white cubes on a blue gradient background. Simple, clean and professional-looking template.

Free World Map Prezi Template

Free Prezi Template with a world map. Countries separated with a white line. 100% vector and zoomable graphics. Use markers and lines to add details.

Blue Circles Prezi Template

Blue Circles is a simple Prezi Template with a blue bokeh effect background. Duplicate, delete or rearrange the circles and create a unique layout. 13 frames already added to speed up your work.

3D Magnet Prezi Template

Free Prezi template with a magnet concept. Introduce your topic and list the pros and cons which are drawn by a magnet. Rearrange elements and create your own unique layout.

Free CV Resume Template

A free Prezi Resume template for self promotion. Your classical paper CV is presented on a wooden desk with papers, pen and cup of coffee. Move the elements and make a unique layout.

Angry Birds Prezi Template

Complete Prezi template with the Angry Birds theme. Add your text or images anywhere. Reveal extra info on the level complete screen that fades in in the end with an animation.

3D Atom Prezi Template

3D remake of the free atom Prezi Template. Includes an atom image and a 3D background Add your content inside the circular blue frames. Duplicate the frames to add more placeholders

Healthy Life Prezi Template

Present all the elements of a healthy life. A white plate is divided into 4 colorful pieces that can be used to visualize different ingredients of a healthy life. Add your own icons or images

Free Halloween Prezi Template

Free Halloween Prezi Template for sending your greetings or scaring your friends? Includes a witch and other horror elements on orange sky and moon background.

Christmas Card Free Prezi

Send a Christmas eCard to your friends. Christmas related icons forming a tree shape. Customize text, add your own images and logo.

Free Valentines Template

Time to show some love with a very simple and minimalistic free Valentine’s Day Prezi Template with a big heart and wings formed from small red hearts.

Build Your Ideas Prezi

A free Prezi template with a “Build Your Ideas” concept. A good presentation template for demonstrating how you formulate your ideas. Includes construction visuals.

Piece of the Puzzle

Prezi Template with Puzzle Pieces concept. Zoom in and add your content anywhere. Combine the pieces and create a unique layout.

Around the World

A 3D earth concept with various elements for your story. Zoom and add your own content or graphics anywhere in the Prezi.

Valentine’s Day Prezi Template

A funny Valentine’s day Prezi Template with a 3D design. Surprise your Valentine and add your own message!

3D Frames Prezi Template

A minimalistic 3D Prezi Template colorful 3D frames on a world map background. Customize the layout and add as many frames as needed.

Prezi Door to Success

A motivational Prezi Template for presenting the way to success. An open door and light shining through. Zoom in and reveal a sky background.

Climb The Mountain

How to reach the top? Show your journey and present it on a simple winter mountain background.

Creative Launch Prezi

Show to to launch a successful project. Free prezi with a mountain and winter theme background.

Prezi Success Elements

Free Prezi template with a periodic table of ideas. Present all the success elements and zoom in for the details.

Back in Time

Prezi Ppt Templates free. download full

Take your audience back time. A free timeline presentation template with a creative zoom effect.

Ideas Fly Prezi Template

Do ideas fly? Show your ideas on a simple airplane style Prezi with a creative effect on zooming in.

Hexagon Infographic

A very simple and free infographic prezi template with hexagon shapes in a circle, on a world map background.

Input Output Diagram

A minimalistic and simple input output diagram. Create a colorful flow chart with your ideas

Topic Puzzle 3D Prezi

Can you solve the cube puzzle? Illustrate your topic with a free Rubik’s cube themed Prezi Template

Business Flourish

How do you plan to grow your business? Show your plans and future visions.

Urban Infographic

A Free Prezi template with modern infographic template with a night city background and hexagon elements.

Graduation Prezi Template

A simple graduation themed Prezi template with people throwing their hats into the air.

3D Elements Prezi

Free Prezi template containing various colorful 3D geometric shapes and elements for building creative infographic Prezis.


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This a collection of the best free templates designed by To view the full list of all available free templates visit our shop archive page. For presenting with a free template you will need to create an account on (NB! Prezibase is not affiliated with, we are independent designers). All our templates can also be used with the Free and Public Prezi account type which can be created on this page. With a free account, all Prezi presentation will be public, and they can be edited and presented online.

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Check out this blog post for some our best Creative Presentation Templates which includes a list of our best 25 Prezi Next templates. You can also find additional free Prezi Next templates from the collection published by Many of these templates are also designed by Prezibase.

Will These Work with Prezi Classic or Next?

All of the above Prezi Templates will open in the new Prezi Next presentation software. Originally these were Prezi Classic templates, but have now been converted into Prezi Next. If you specifically need the Prezi Classic version (why would you? all Classic functionality is now also in Prezi next 😊 ) then contact us and we can share the original Classic version to your account. NB: the new Prezi version is not called Next anymore, but simply Prezi Present.

Using Prezibase Classic Templates with Prezi Next?

Prezi launched a new presentation software called Prezi Next on the 25th of April 2017. The old version is now called Prezi Classic and most of our free templates have been designed for the Classic version. If your Prezi account was created before the 25th of April, then you will automatically have access to both versions of Prezi. You can easily use all of our templates. There is currently no date set in the future when and even if, Prezi Classic will be dropped. Obviously it was loved by more than 80 million people, so it cannot be simply dropped. Read our article about Prezi Next here.

Update December 2020: All Prezi users should now have access to a Free Conversion tool, which allows you to convert all Classic presentations into the new Prezi Next format in just 1 click.

How Can Prezibase Templates Help You?

Every presentation is unique and requires a specific concept. Our large collections of Prezi templates helps you find a perfect theme for your presentation topic so you can visualize your ideas better. Using a strong visual concept makes your content more memorable and easily understable. Don’t just take our word for it:

Best prezi templates

Prezi Ppt Templates Free Download

“You had just the right background for my presentation. The background created the right atmosphere and it was perfect for the topic I was discussing. I loved it was easy to use and worked seamlessly with the information I entered.” Chris, Pennsylvania 5 / 5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Free Prezi Templates For Students

“I am delighted with your Prezibase templates! Also my audience was very positive. I used the brain mind with the turning cogs to ‘preach’ about the overwhelming clutter that bombards people nowadays and that requires a specific approach to communicate with people. The template fortified the message of my presentation.” Jan Jongbloed, Netherlands5 / 5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Free Prezi Powerpoint For Students

“Prezi is a wonderful replacement for Powerpoint slides when you must have a visual to accompany your talk/training/briefing. With very little training (a few webinars), I was able to complete a template-driven presentation very easily. The templates provide a starting point and helped me work out the mechanics of how Prezi works. “ Eliza, Atlanta 5 / 5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★