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Our premium Online Personal Training Program Design Templates include 12 Premade Monthly Workout Programs, professionally designed and white labeled so you can add your own fitness logo and branding. We have seen that trainer’s are spending too much time trying to deliver a professional looking program, and not enough time trying to help more. Download Personal Trainer Fitness Flyer PSD Template for Free. This design is in adobe photoshop software and everything is easy to customize.

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Free Personal Trainer Fitness PSD Flyer Template

Enjoy downloading the Free Personal Trainer Fitness PSD Flyer Template created by Pixelsdesign!


The Free Fitness Flyer PSD Template is a Free Photoshop PSD Flyer to use for your next Fitness and Gym Events. All main elements are editable and customizable. You can edit the main text via text tool, the model image you can replace via smart object, right click edit smart object in your layer menu. The flyer is fully layered and organized to keep customization very simple! Fully Editable, you can modify everything very easy and quick. Changing the color style, pictures, text. It is well organized in folders and layers.

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In this article we profile the Personal Training templates that are most useful in each area of a Personal Training business.

Personal Trainer Templates

Using proven templates within your Personal Training business gives you a competitive advantage and enables you to consistently out market, out sell and out perform your competition.

Templates that have been proven to work over time will give you the best result and save you effort and money. Personal Training templates are a 'no-brainer' for the aspiring Personal Trainer as they eliminate risk, streamline processes and rapidly produce results.

The best way to think of templates is as a 'short-cut'. They are simply a quick way to achieve a lot. You want to choose short-cuts that get you where you want to go, don't have any surprises and are easy to use. Templates are especially useful if they come with instructions on how EXACTLY you should use them. After all, a short cut is even better with a map!

To achieve the best results using templates in your Personal Training business you want to secure templates that are;

  1. built from practise
  2. used extensively over time
  3. come with detailed instructions
  4. can be adapted with your logo, look and feel

What templates will you need as a Personal Trainer?

You can group the templates you'll need as a Personal Trainer into five areas; marketing, sales, training delivery, business planning, business administration.

Understanding that templates and forms are different is important as well.

  1. Templates are structures (web, email, print etc) that you put information into for others to use or for you to use with others (in the case of call scripts or email templates)
  2. Forms are structures (web, email, print) that you collect information into for you to use.

If you want to know more about forms read this page.

If you'd like to claim your copy of our custom designed Personal Training Screening Form you can download it here.

Back to templates. Below is a list of Personal Training templates that you should think about getting. We've also written a little about what each template is used for.

Marketing TemplatesUsed for
What is Personal Training brochurePlacement within the club positioning you as the authority in Personal Training
Drop box templateAllowing people interested in the drop box promotion to leave you their information (note, this must include their goal)
Drop box display insertPutting in your drop boxes to communicate a particular offer to one of your niches. These are inter changeable allowing you to market certain offerings in line with the time of year or motivations or events that are top of mind of your niches
Business cardSeveral templates for business cards allows you to shape a business card to your niches and also use them as a promotional tool when networking in or outside of the club
NewslettersKeeping in contact and building credibility within your client base and creating leads through referrals and sign ups to your newsletter
Promotional lettersThese are a motive based series letters or emails that are used with people downloading or requesting reports or tip sheets of certain types. They build credibility around a topic area, develop your position as an authority and make irresistible offers of a complimentary consultation or warrant of fitness or training review etc.
Reports / tip sheetsMotive based tip sheets and reports which answer questions a particular niche has and develop credibility for you as a Personal Trainer. Often used as part of a drop-box offer, email campaign or within newsletters.
Email auto-respondersSimilar to the letters but sent automatically via the web when someone gives you their email to receive a piece of information (report or tip sheet) in an area of their interest. Very useful and low effort creating consistent interest - particularly useful within a club setting.
Email campaignsOne-off campaigns often conducted at certain times of year targeting a niche of clients with a series of content and an offer of engagement.
Call scriptsScripts for standard types of calls; non-attender calls, new members calls, birthday calls, one week / month or half way membership calls, end of a bootcamp or 8-12 week challenge call etc.
PostersStimulating interest in an offer of motive based content such as a report or tip sheet often used with text response for ease.
Referral content programmeA series of offers and reminders that is placed within client contact materials to stimulate referral.
Profile cardsA display marketing piece helping the client get to know you, showing you understand clients in your niche and making an offer of information or a complimentary consultation.
Member surveyGetting in touch with members and finding out their views of their fitness progress and preferences. Extremely useful as a lead generating tool and having both print versions for in-club use and web/email templates for contacting members who are not attending is ideal.
Sales TemplatesUsed for
Welcome packCreating significance for new clients by giving them tangibles to take home including copies of their fitness information, consultation documents, agreements, the months newsletters, details of your referral programme, tip sheets on items related to their needs etc.
No sale return follow up seriesFollowing up with potential clients who didn't commit to training thanking them for their time with you, giving them important information relating to their training and encouraging future contact.
Training delivery templatesUsed for
Resistance programmingPrescribing resistance training workouts including creating expectations for progressions, managing intensity and duration and recording attendance.
Cardiovascular programmingPrescribing cardiovascular training including expectations for progressions, managing intensities and recoveries and recording attendance
RecipesProvision of options for clients based on their tastes and ensuring all options are easy/quick to prepare and healthy.
Daily menu examplesExamples of tasty menus for various caloric intakes as examples.
Weekly menu templateA weekly menu template that can have meals and snacks populated based on the clients preferences and the nutritional guidelines.
Results report templateGiving the client their fitness results in a visual and easy to understand report structure that they can use to let others know how they are going.
Email / letter client supportCongratulatory and supportive a series of letters that can be used at any juncture where the client is making progress, needing a pick-me-up or has achieved a particular result.
Business planningUsed for
Financial calculatorCalculating the financials within a Personal Training business including analyzing the lead generating needs of the business. You can claim your free copy of our PT Financial Calculator here - PTs worldwide use it to map and improve their business's financial performance and it's super-easy to use of course!
Business plan templateSetting crystal clear goals for the Personal Trainer, defining the 'pay-offs' to the Personal Trainer and creating a short-term action plan for the business. You can claim your free copy of our PT comprehensive business planning template here - PTs from every hemisphere are using this very template to quickly and comprehensively plan and execute business improvements year on year.
Business performance analyserTaking a detailed look at each area of the Personal Training business in order to optimise financial performance and identify areas to work on that will make the most difference in the business.
Monthly action planSetting clear monthly goals and step by step actions within particular areas of the business to maximise results.
Business administrationUsed for
Cashbook templateTracking income and expenses on a weekly basis for the business allowing for bank statement reconcilliation.
Weekly - monthly checklistKeeping track of standard repeating tasks that must occur in the business for it to run efficiently and profitably.
Price rise templateLetting clients know of an upcoming increase in pricing whilst giving them the opportunity to secure a number of sessions at the current price in advance. Often a sticky area, so very useful to have the proven template here.
Client surveysA satisfaction survey designed specifically for Personal Trainers clients available as an online or print template

Personal Trainer Templates Free Download Word Document

Why would you use these Personal Trainer Templates?


The templates listed above are all designed to optimise your results using as little time, money and effort as possible. As such, you'd want to have all of them in your hands if you could and at the very least to start out you should have the templates relating to prescribing for your clients (that is, the resistance training and cardiovascular training templates).

Personal Trainer Templates Free Download Excel

Accepting that almost all Personal Trainers will get some clients and get the opportunity to deliver quality to these clients the cardiovascular and resistance training templates are a must.

You can claim your copies of these templates here as a free download including video instructions on how to use them showing you why they are designed exactly the way they are and why they work so well.

Personal trainer templates free download excel

The templates for marketing, sales and business administration are also hugely valuable particularly where they have been professionally designed and tested within the industry.

The business planning template we recommend is by far the best Personal Training business planning template we have come across for club-based Personal Trainers.

How can you use Personal Training Templates to improve your PT Business?

Free Personal Training Contract Forms

The key to progressing your business by using templates is to focus on the area of your business that needs the most work first and forget the rest for now.

Try not to get bogged down with chasing all the templates at once. Rather, work out what area of your business needs the most work now, and secure a template and exact instructions to help tweak that area alone.

To analyze your business and what areas need immediate attention you can use our customised PT financial calculator. You might also like to review this video analysis of four PT businesses where you'll quickly learn how to analyze a Personal Training business by looking at some key numbers.

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