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At first, get a post about Nepali movies by Rajesh Hamal. We are here with list of Nepali films by Rajesh Hamal, a superstar of Nepali film industries. In this post, we are giving you the Rajesh Hamal’s films. Here, we are giving the links that leads to you on where you can watch these all Nepali full movies free. You don’t have to pay anything else. You can watch the full movie at that video site.

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Nepalese film industry is not so popular as single Rajesh Hamal is popular. Rajesh Hamal is not the name and actors of the film industry. He has established himself as the brand in Nepal and among Nepalese. He is also the superstar of the Kollywood. His acting in the movies has started the craze of watching the Nepalese movies. At initial phase, even the Nepalese are not interested and courage to watch the Nepalese movies because of not perfect acting as well as actors. After the arrival of Rajesh Hamal in the Nepalese film industry, the industry becomes valuable as gold from copper.

Rajesh Hamal is the only superstar of industry which has made his identity as most adorable actors. He is not popular for his acting but also with his lifestyles. Rajesh Hamal has seen in many imposter characters in the movies which serially has to access him in the platform of stardom. Due to his extreme passion for acting, he has even become the hearts of Nepalese youth till unmarried. He has recently married. His physical structure and looks ha enchanted many girls to set up the pictures as their king. Nepalese film industry has produced such as actors of which the Nepalese are proud. Nepalese film industry has made their expansion everywhere by his acting and role. He has not only seen in characters of male-only but also in female as women. He has shared his screen with almost many actress and actors.

In the history of Nepalese film industry, the name Rajesh Hamal will never die even after his disappearance. He is also treated as the socialist actors because of his engagement in social works. Rajesh Hamal has played more than 150 movies which also shows his experiences and dedication in Nepalese film industry. That is why he is taken as the inspiration of almost every actor. Rajesh Hamal is also one of the idols of many youths who are interested in shaping their career in acting. He has made very misery journey to reach present stage.

No one in his family was involved in acting. Before coming to movies, he has done many ramp walk as being a model for starting age. After that, he came in the notice by producer and filmmaker who gives him a proposal for action. Then after long striving, he appears in his debut movies ”Yuga Dekhi Yuga Samma”. The role in this movies was liked many of the viewers that give him the remuneration along with awards of Best Debut actors”. At last, we can only say that the Nepalese film industry was maybe unfulfilled and meaningless without the arrival of Rajesh Hamal. Rajesh Hamal is not only the name but it’s the message to every youth to share and shape their bright career.

He is also taken the expensive actors because of highest payment taking. Currently, he has slow down their acting sector and busy to share their time and happiness with family. He has also faced the upward and downward throughout their journey. Some become super hit while some become average and some become flop too. The best Nepalese movies of Rajesh Hamal are :


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Best Nepalese movies of Rajesh Hamal


This is also one of the most popular movies of all time played by Rajesh Hamal. He has looked as big or elder brother in this movies. The movie is totally based on family and social message. The movie collected the huge admiration along with funds. The movies also starred Nikhil Upreti, late Ram Krishna Shrestha. And this movie has even the message of love between elders and cooperation in the family as well as the striving in the situation of poverty.

This movie is one of the inspiration movies which has given the message to make the family united and keeps the love and relationship between all the only that, the next message is also the struggling everyone against the family. In the present time, even the brothers of the same family have not good relationship and talks. The brothers from the same mother become an enemy of each with the spending of time. So this movie of Rajesh Hamal is also the best movies because of its influences in that time. It is one of the Best Nepalese movies of Rajesh Hamal.


This is also one of the best movies played by Rajesh Hamal, the story of the movies was based on patriotism and smuggling of sandalwood and other precious wood. In this movies, Rajesh Hamal has played the role of a police inspector who commands all the illegal action and arrested all eh offenders. The movie is based on the issues of the country and the traffickers who are busy in looting the country.

The movies have also given the message of conserving the forest and informing the police administration when anyone looks the illegal cutting and trafficking of precious woods. Nepal has got popularity as the green Nepal due to the existence of many medicinal herbs and shrubs as well as precious woods like Sandalwood, Sakhua, and others. The movies have also shown the honesty of policeman that every police and administrator are not dishonest and betrayer. Giraftar is surely on the list of Best Nepalese movies of Rajesh Hamal.

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This is also one of the popular movies which were played by Rajesh Hamal around 8 years ago. The movies were based on the unification of Madhesh and Pahadi people. There is discrimination against Madhesi and Pahadi people. Besides it, the movies also have given the message of saving the borders from Indian intervention ”Dasgaja” is the area which differentiates the border between India and Nepal.

It helps to indicate the landmarks of India and Nepal. both Madhesi and Pahadi people fight with government intervention. There are many politicians who are in the planning of selling the land to foreigners as shown in the movies. The movies give the message of unification and cooperation between the people of Madhesi and Pahadi. The movies were also appreciated by every Nepalese for giving such cooperative message to all the Nepalese and focusing the attention of politicians on the borders what really is happening.

4. Karma Yodha:

This is also the best movies played by Rajesh Hamal. The movies were based on warriors. Rajesh Hamal has acted the role of warriors and struggle with different ultimatums. The movies have given the message of fearless and adventurous. This movie has also hitten the mind of the youth mostly because of super action and slashing of sword and fights. The movies were released on March 14, 2014. Rajesh Hamal has presented himself as one of the great protagonists who is sapience inaction of a sword. Karma Yodha is definitely the Best Nepalese movies of Rajesh Hamal

5. Je Bho Ramrai Bho:

This is also known as one of the popular movies of all time which was played by Rajesh Hamal. The movies have given the final message of life accident and incidence which happens unexpectedly sometimes. In that situation, almost every person become annoyed and abashed their mind even stops to work. They do not have any idea of coming out from that critical condition. Sometimes people face the times of happiness while sometimes they have to strike with pain and problem. Every day is not same.

The message of this film has shown that everything is pre-managed by the god and the incidence that happens with us is all good. We sometimes even point out the mistakes and bad times but its effect is shown in future positively then we even laugh or regret. This is also the best movies of Rajesh Hamal played an attentive role. Well, This movie is also one of the Best Nepalese movies of Rajesh Hamal.

5. Shakuntala:

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It is the unique movies which the Nepalese film industry have ever released. In this movies, the great superstar Rajesh Hamal has become the women to saw the power, and strength of women. the movies have presented him as one of the powerful and strongest women who fight with violence, oppression, discrimination, demonstration, and other social issues that a common and every women or girls faces in their life. The film has shown that even the girls are not weak and they will not keep silent if anyone takes them lightly and penetrate the girls. Girls will also take revenge if she gets pain from the hurting and cruel behavior of the society and males. The movies have shown how a man takes revenge from their enemy and hunter of making them victims by standing him in the role of women.


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