How To Download Movies And Burn To Dvd

You probably want to burn DVD movies to watch smoothly on your DVD player, to have a wonderful time with your family & friends, or just to back them up. Regardless of the reason, burning movies to DVD can be quite easy, as long as you get the right way. The purpose of this article is to introduce how to burn movies to DVD on Mac and Windows.

Cisdem DVD Burner

How to Burn Movies to DVD on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. To burn downloaded movies to DVD on Windows PC, you can get help from iSkysoft DVD Creator for Windows.This DVD burner for Windows version has the same function as the Mac version.

  1. Find your DVD burner in your programs folder and click to launch. Place a DVD-RW in your DVD/CD player/burner located on your CPU or laptop. Find your movie download file and click 'Burn to disk.' This will burn the movie onto your disk.
  2. Buy and plug in an external DVD writer. Since most Macs don't have disc trays anymore, you'll need to buy an external DVD drive and attach it to your computer via a USB cable. Make sure that the DVD reader that you buy can 'burn' or write DVDs before purchasing it.

Easily Burn Movies to DVD on Mac

  • Excellent support on different types of movie (video) formats
  • Cut off unpleasant segments, rotate, add effects/watermark, split chapters, adjust the volume of original movies
  • Burn DVD movies with subtitles, embedded or external
  • Capture or change a movie thumbnail
  • Abundant DVD-menu templates for various festivals, scenes, or themes
  • Select menu frame/button style, and add text content
  • Set the background with your local image and music
  • Preview your designed movie DVD through its built-in player
  • Burn a movie to a blank DVD or export it as DVD folder or ISO files for backup
  • Process fast, no matter how large the movie is
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What type of DVD to use for burning movies?

Disc typeRecordabilityCompatibilityDecimal Capacity
DVD±RWrite onceVery good4.7 GB
DVD±R DLWrite OnceVery good8.5 GB
DVD±RWRewritableMay be incompatible with some specific DVD players4.7 GB
DVD-RAMRewritableBad4.7 GB
DVD-ROMRead onlyRequire compatible software and codec to play on the computer4.7 GB

Obviously, DVD-ROM can’t burn a movie to DVD, and DVD-RAM discs are now less commonly used.

There are 2 main types of DVD formats for burning movies, either come in R or RW. DVD R discs can record once and are not erasable, while DVD RW discs allow you to rewrite and erase data multiple times. DVD R DL is a derivative of the DVD R format, which stands for dual layer and offers nearly double storage capacity. Basically, most DVD drives support DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW.

You can purchase empty DVDs from brands such as Verbatim, Sony, Smart Buy, etc. online on Amazon, Rima, eBay, and other websites.

How to Burn Movies to DVD to Play on DVD Player on Mac?

There was a period when creating and burning DVD movies on Mac was such a piece of cake, for the availability of iDVD, however, Apple has discontinued this application and the 3rd party software is indispensable to do the job. Here we pick the best 2 DVD movie burning software for Mac.

#1 Cisdem DVD Burner (the best choice)

Cisdem DVD Burner for Mac aims to burn movies or video clips downloaded from Youtube, Dailymotion, or any movie streaming website into high-resolution DVD. It supports all movie formats, such as 3GP, AVI, DIV, VOB, FLV, M4V, MKV, MPEG, MP4, MPV, MOV, QT, RMVB, WMV, etc., including SD/HD ones. It builds in a video editor and DVD menu creator to ensure that your output result is personalized.

How to download movies and burn to dvd mac

Steps to burn movies to DVD on Mac with Cisdem:

Step 1. Download and install DVD Burner for Mac to your computer, then launch it.

Step 2. Click to upload your movies to the program, you can batch add movies for burning.

Step 3. Edit movies before burning.

Click under the movie thumbnail and the editing interface will be brought up. Now, you can edit movie videos according to your needs.

Step 4. Make a DVD menu.

Access to DVD menu creating panel, import a background picture, or select one from the templates. Click to get more menu optimization tools, which help you change the title button, add background text/track, etc.

Step 5. Burn DVD movies on Mac.

Preview your DVD effects first. Then, go to the burning interface. Rename the disc; configure TV standard, playback mode, and other settings. Once finished, burn movies to DVD with subtitles.

#2 DVDStyler

DVDStyler is a free DVD Burner for Mac users, of course, it offers Windows version and its source code is open to developers. Users who work with MacOS X 10.10 or later can download this free tool to burn movies to DVD on Mac.


  1. Free
  2. Create and burn movie videos to DVD
  3. Add subtitles, audio tracks, image background
  4. Customize navigation and menu
  5. Support 36 interface languages


  1. Take time to install and launch
  2. Supported video formats are limited (Now support AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, OGG, WMV)
  3. Limited features
  4. Old-fashioned interface

Steps to burn movies to DVD on Mac for free:

  1. Download and install DVDStyler for Mac, then run it.
  2. Click the “+” icon to add videos.
  3. Double click on the uploaded movie, then tweak the setting.
  4. Click on the red “Burn” icon to start burning movies to DVD on Mac.

How to Burn Movies to DVD to Play on DVD Player on Windows?

#1 Power2Go

Power2Go is a powerful Windows program to deal with media files, which incorporates the features of DVD burning, backup, and medial files conversion. Also, it supports a wide range of medial file formats and can keep the original video quality when converting or burning movies to DVD.


  1. Rich features to manage media files (burn, backup, convert, download)
  2. Create and burn all types of CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays
  3. Various options for presets
  4. Clear and neat interface


  1. Require time to learn all its features
  2. Take time to finish the DVD burning
  3. Cannot copy disc protected by CSS encryption

Steps to burn DVD movies on Windows (10) with Power2Go:

  1. Download and install Power2Go on Windows 10, then open it.
  2. Open Power2Go and choose “Video Disc”>choose “DVD”.
  3. In the upper pane (media pane), find the movie files that need to burn to DVD, then drag and drop the movie files to the lower pane (Disc content pane).
  4. Click the “Burn” icon to begin burning to DVD R or RW.

#2 Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player, the free application that comes with Windows 10 and other versions, is also capable of burning movies to DVD on Windows. But the added movie files must be one of the supported formats of Windows Media Player, and there won't be extra features for users to edit the DVD before burning.

Steps to burn DVD movies on Windows for free:

  1. Run Windows Media Player and insert a blank DVD into Windows PC drive.
  2. In the right panel, choose “Burn”, then click “Data DVD” in the burn menu (inverted triangle drop-down menu).
  3. Find movies you want to burn to DVD, then drag it to the burn list.
  4. Once ready, click the “Start” button.


Is it possible to burn multiple movies to DVD?

In theory, a professional movie DVD burner can do it while keeping all menus intact. But the longer these movies add up, the more the video is compressed. If you wish to burn multiple movies, it is best to use a double-layer disc. Or if your DVD player can open DIVX (file format), you can copy movie files to the DVD as a data disc, and your player will be able to play them.

Can I Burn a movie to DVD with online websites?

Download Movies To Burn To Dvd For Free

When dealing with files on a computer, most of us prefer to get the problem solved with a free tool or service, especially when we don't come into such a problem very often. And for users who are wondering if there is any website to burn DVD movies without software, the answer is NO.

How To Download Movies And Burn To Dvd

The main reason is that the process to burn movie DVDs is quite complicated. Burning a CD or DVD doesn’t mean simply copying and pasting the digital data to a blank disc, a burning procedure is required, only the data is burned, can it be played on a DVD player. Since a DVD player uses a laser beam to read and understand the Data stored on the disc’s shining surface, and the DVD burner will arrange the protuberances in a spiral manner that can be understood by the DVD player.

Online websites will merely convert your movies to VOB – the container format in DVD-Video media, not to the real DVD structure.

How To Download Movies And Burn To Dvd Mac

Any Website to Download Movies for DVD Burning?

To burn movies to DVD with high quality, we should make sure the original movie file is in high resolution, here we list some top websites to download movies for DVD burning:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • The Internet Archive
  • YIFY Movies
  • Hulu
  • Crackle
  • Loadedmovies
  • Full4movies
  • The Pirate Bay
  • House Movie
  • My Download Tune
  • Public Domain Torrents


Tools designed to burn movies to DVD are available in numbers, but the best way with original video quality retained is using a professional and powerful DVD Burner, no matter you are a Mac user or Windows user, they won't let you down. Now, have a try and burn your DVD movies to play on any DVD player.

on Feb. 23, 2015

As the entertainment industry continuously moves to digital viewing, DVDs are becoming less popular. But many users still like to keep a DVD collection of their favorite movies for many reasons: offline viewing, watching movies during a road trip, let their friends borrow, etc. For this reason, many users find it is easiest to download movies from online sources, then burn them to DVDs using popular DVD burning software. In this article, we will take a look at how you can find your favorite movies, how you can download these movies safely without the fear of viruses or malware, and how to burn these movie files to DVD.

How to download videos

The first step to creating your own DVDs is downloading the movies. It's simple enough to download the movies, but where to download the movies from is another issue. Downloading from piracy websites exposes your computer to serious threats such as viruses, malware and spyware. Users that upload files to these sites will often insert malicious code, viruses, malware or other types of web threats in order to steal information from people who download these files and execute them on their computer. However, there are many valid sites that scan all files as users upload them. These sites include YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Flickr and more. The only problem is that most of these sites do not provide users with the ability to download content from their sites. However, there are third-party video downloaders that will provide users with that ability.

Choose a safe video downloader

You must be careful when choosing a video downloader, as most of these applications are freeware, and the developers may insert viruses, malware or other malicious code. This is why it is important to choose a video downloader that is well-known and has references from other users. Our favorite choice for this is the 4K Video Downloader.

The 4K Video Downloader is one of the most popular video downloaders, and part of this is due to its reputation for quality, reliability and that it is guaranteed to be 100% virus-free. Another reason is because it is free and simple to use. When you find a movie you wish to download, you simply copy the URL and paste it into the program, and it will do the rest. There are a few options you can choose from, such as the file location and the quality of the video (low quality, medium quality, HD or 4K UltraHD). Save the file to your computer or laptop, and you will then be ready to burn the DVD.

Burn your DVD

Once you have downloaded your movie, it's time to burn the DVD. There are many choices that allow users to burn 4K content to DVD including DVD Creator and Real Player. Follow the simple burning instructions, and you will soon be enjoying your DVDs. Now you can use them as backups, watch them on long trips or flights, or watch them when there is no internet access available.

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