How Can I Download Movies To My Kindle Fire

Step by step guide to batch download YouTube videos to MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, MKV, etc for successfully playing the downloaded YouTube videos on any Kindle Fire model. 'I have a new kindle fire - wanted to take advantage of the free prime and watch movies from Kindle through TV - what hardware do I need to do this?' 'The Fire cannot connect to your TV. Aug 06, 2021 If you are already subscribed to Amazon Prime membership and Netflix, you can download movies and TV to your Kindle Fire. For Amazon Prime, open the movie/video detail of your desired Prime title, tap the Download button. Want to watch movies on Kindle Fire/Kindle Fire HD with Wi-Fi? This page is the right helper which introduces you how to enjoy all your favorite videos without network connection. The Kindle Fire is a product similar to the iPad which was released by Amazon in 2011. The Kindle Fire not only allows you to download and read books, but you can also use it to listen to music.

Equipped with a most impressive-looking 7-inch tablet screen, a long battery life and considering its obvious portability, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD is really a top-notch on-the-go entertainment device for browsing, playing, reading outdoors. There are several ways for you to transfer a variety of content from a Windows or Mac computer to your Kindle Fire HD. Here I will throw up three methods to transfer music, photos and videos to your Kindle Fire HD Tablet, you can pick the method that's best for you.
Method 1: Drag & Drop — USB Wired Transfer
You can transfer content files from a Windows or Mac computer to your Kindle Fire HD device, including books, music, video, photos, and documents, using the USB cable that came with your Kindle. Both Macintosh and Windows users can download and transfer compatible content files from a computer to Kindle Fire HD device using a compatible USB cable. When your Kindle Fire is plugged into your computer, it will appear as a removable mass-storage device. This method is highly recommended.
System Requirements to transfer files:
* Windows-based: Windows Vista or later. Windows XP users may be required to update their copy of Windows Media Player. Visit the USB Transfer Tools page for details.
* Macintosh: Mac OS X 10.5 or later. Note: Mac users need to install a free app, Android File Transfer, to complete a USB transfer. Visit and follow the onscreen instructions.
* USB port: An available port or an attached USB hub with an available port.
Step-by-step Instructions:
1. Connect Kindle Fire HD to your PC via USB.
2. Once you've connected your Kindle Fire HD to a computer with a USB cable (sold separately), your Kindle Fire HD will appear in the same location as external USB drives usually appear. For Windows users, this is typically in the 'Computer' or 'My Computer' menu.
3. Open the Kindle drive; you will see several folders inside. You may need to unlock your Kindle Fire HD before it can be opened on your computer.
4. Locate the downloaded file and drag and drop it into the applicable content folder, such as Video, Music, or Pictures.
5. Safely eject your Kindle Fire HD from your computer and unplug the USB cable.
Your content will appear within the corresponding content library on your device:
●Books will appear in the Books library.
●Personal documents will appear in the Docs library.
●Music will appear in the Music library.
●Pictures will appear in the Gallery app.
●Videos will appear in the Gallery app. Note that videos transferred via USB will only be available in the Gallery app. Only videos from the Amazon Video store are shown in the Video library.
Method 2: Downloading Content from the Cloud - Wireless cloud service
Your content libraries -- like Apps, Books, and Games -- include content that’s available both in the Amazon Cloud and content you’ve downloaded to your device. You can choose to access your content through the Cloud while your Kindle Fire HD is connected via Wi-Fi, or to download your content to your device for easy access even when your device isn't connected wirelessly.
Step-by-step Instructions:
To download content from the Cloud to your device:
Confirm that your Kindle Fire HD is connected to Wi-Fi.
1. Tap the Cloud tab within the Games, Apps, Books, Music, Videos, Newsstand, Audiobooks, Photos, or Docs libraries.
2. Tap an item in the Cloud to download it to your Device tab.
Method 3: DoubleTwist—USB Wired Transfer
Manage and sync your iTunes music, photos and videos with this popular and lightweight software. It's easy to use and completely free. Also supports wireless sync with the Air Sync client ($4.99 on Google Play). This method not only syncs your media, but also your playlists and track ratings.
Requirements: Visit for additional details.
1. Download DoubleTwist from Google Play on your Kindle Fire HD.
2. On your computer (PC or Mac), use your browser to go to, and use the link to download DoubleTwist. Follow the installation instructions.
3. Follow the instructions on the app on your device and the computer to set up synchronization between DoubleTwist on your computer and Amazon Tablet.
P.S. You can visit Amazon Help - Transferring & Downloading Content to Your Kindle Fire HD to learn more transferring methods.
Tips for synchronizing videos/movies to Kindle Fire HD
Better Put Kindle Fire HD friendly videos to the device. If you've got the Kindle Fire HD specs, you will get to know that Kindle Fire HD video format is limited to MP4, 3GP, VP8(.webm). Thus, if you want to copy videos to Kindle Fire HD in other formats like MKV, WMV, AVI, FLV, MTS, M2TS, MOV, MPEG, MPG, MOD, TiVo, VOB, etc, you will need reformat these video files first. You can try this professional Kindle Fire HD Video Converter to batch convert videos in various formats up to 1080p to the Fire HD playable format (e.g. MP4).
Don't put copy-protected contents onto the Kindle Fire HD Tablet. Movies purchased or downloaded from online (e.g. iTunes, BBC iPlayer) are restricted to specific computers and devices only. Unfortunately the Android devices have not get a license to play DRM contents which means Kindle Fire HD is not granted to play DRM-protected videos. To have the device play these movie purchases, get yourself a DRM removal tool first (e.g. ChewTune).
Compress/convert your HD videos when necessary. By necessary I mean when the Amazon Tablet pops up an error message saying unsupported file or plays video in slow motion.
If you have the intention to transfer Blu-ray, DVD movies as well as your personal HD video files to Kindle Fire HD, you'd better get the best all-in-one video convert tool Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate to have fastest and most effective conversion.

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Useful Tips

If you’re ever in a situation where there’s limited or no Wi-Fi, you’ll want a collection of videos already downloaded to watch while offline on your Fire tablet.

How Can I Download Movies To My Kindle Fire

The Amazon line of Fire tablets is aimed at being an affordable, fun, and entertaining device. The company’s new Fire HD 10, for example, has a quality 10.1-inch 1080p HD display that’s great for watching movies and TV shows. Obviously, you can stream your video content from Prime video and other non-Amazon services like Netflix. But if you’re in a situation where you have limited or no Wi-Fi, you’ll want to have a collection of video content already downloaded to watch while offline.

Download Movies and TV Shows

Provided you have an Amazon Prime account; you can download its movies and TV from Amazon Video to your tablet. Just tap into the movie or TV show you want, and then tap the download button.

Next, choose the download quality you want. A screen will pop up with your options and lets you know approximately how much space will be used. For example, Data Saver takes up the least amount of space, while “Best” takes up more. Once you figure out the quality of the video you like, you can set it as the default, so this screen isn’t popping up all the time.

Head to your Video library > Downloads to access and remove all of the titles you’ve downloaded.

Like on other mobile devices, you can download Netflix content for offline viewing, too. If you’re a Netflix subscriber, launch the app, find what you want to watch, and tap the listing’s download icon next to the listing. You can’t download everything from Netflix, but there is a good amount available. If you only want to browse downloadable content, tap the menu button from the Netflix app and tap “Available for Download.”

You can manage the quality of videos you’re downloading from Netflix, too. Go to App Settings > Downloads and tap Download Video Quality and choose whether you want Standard or High quality.

Head to “My Downloads” to see what you have downloaded to your tablet. Here you can also see the size of each file, which will help you decide which quality setting to use.

Add More Storage


Now that you know you can download tons of content, you might be wondering where it will be stored. While mobile tablets have seen an increase in local storage over the past few years, the 2017 Fire HD 10 only has a 32 or 64 GB version. Depending on how you use the device, either one would be plenty of storage, that is, unless you want to have a stacked library of your favorite movies and TV shows. You can increase your storage space greatly by installing a microSD card.

How to download movies to my kindle fireCan i download movies to kindle fire

No matter how much local storage your Fire tablet has, if you install a 256 GB microSD card, you’ll have plenty of high-quality video content to keep you entertained while on a plane or anytime you’re offline.

How Do I Download Movies To My Kindle Fire For Free

Do you have an Amazon Fire tablet? How much space do you have reserved for downloading multimedia content? Leave a comment below and tell us your story.