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  • A personal letterhead is used for different kinds of tasks like advertising, branding, accounting, internal communication, and writing a personal formal letter. Here is a collection of free personal letterhead templates in MS Word to help you with your letterhead.
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The perfect simple cover letter template to get the job done

The Formal Letter Format. There are different formats that can be applied in a Formal Letter Template.A few of these styles or formats are as follows: A full block format is the letter format where all the letter elements are placed at the left side of the document.

Who ever said simple was a bad thing? Sometimes a basic design that’s both straightforward and classy is just what you need to get your application finished and in the hiring manager’s inbox. After all, you can’t get hired if you don’t submit your materials. Our simple cover letter templates are perfect for the moments when speed and ease count for everything.

One of the biggest advantages of simple cover letter templates is their versatility. Whether you’re a high school student looking for your first job, a seasonal employee or skilled professional in a trade industry, a simple cover letter template keeps the focus on you, your abilities and experiences.

When to pick a simple job application letter template

There are dozens of instances when a simple job application letter template is the best choice. When applying to multiple positions at similar types of companies, in retail for example, you’ll want a job application letter that you can put together and edit quickly. These templates are perfect for when the content of your job application letter should be the star of the show.

That’s not to say that a simple job application letter lacks style. On the contrary, its strengths lie in its ability to highlight your skills and achievements without calling too much attention to itself. This collection of templates are elegant and timeless, meaning the cover letter you create today will look its best even in future applications.

How to write your resignation letter (+free examples)

Explore why a good resignation letter is important and how to write it, and check out our free resignation letter examples.

Top 5 why choose a simple cover letter for a resume

  1. This is your first cover letter and you want to keep the format simple
  2. You’re aiming to keep the focus on your letter’s writing and content
  3. You appreciate classic design that works well for a variety of positions
  4. You work in a skills-based industry where no-frills formatting is preferred
  5. You need to create a cover letter quickly and easily

What makes a basic or simple application letter

A basic or simple application letter doesn’t get bogged down by the details. It remains classy and classic by keeping the focus on the important stuff – your strengths and abilities. Our basic and simple application letter templates help you to achieve this goal by serving as a blank canvas for your personal expression and perspectives.

One mistake many applicants make is writing with too much professional jargon or overly complex grammar. Just like your template, it’s OK to keep your writing simple and effective. Don’t be afraid to capture your natural tone of voice.

In order to make your basic application letter stand out, you should use emotive language and strong action verbs to bring your anecdotes and experiences to life. It’s also important to keep your letter concise and focused on the key qualities that make you a great fit for the position. With a application letter or resume, there’s no need to over-complicate the process – it’s all about writing a letter that gets you hired!

Free simple cover letter template – download as PDF or Word file

At, our mission is to help you land the job you’re after without wasting precious time and energy. That’s why we offer a free simple cover letter template that you can download as a PDF or Word file. Edit your document in the program that’s most comfortable for you so you can submit your application and get back to the things that matter most.

How to Write a Cover Letter - Expert Guide [2021]

Here is exactly how you can write a cover letter that will stand out from the crowd, and help you land that interview.

With our free simple cover letter template, you can be sure you’re getting a classic design that will benefit you in virtually any position or industry. These simple templates are the best of both worlds when it comes to style and functionality. And most importantly, they make sure the emphasis stays on you. Check out our collection to see how a free simple cover letter template can enhance any application and don't forget to check out our simple resume templates!

Letters have always been an effective mode of communication for everyone. As technology has been developing every day, people find it convenient to send letters through email instead of Traditional posts. Formal and Informal letters are often used to communicate or share ideas for various purposes. Various competitive examinations likeSSC MTShave questions related to letter writing. These questions are asked to test the writing skills and fluency in the language of the candidate. Formal Letters are written to convey official and important messages to authorities, dignitaries, colleagues, seniors, etc instead of personal contacts, friends, or family. It is strictly professional and has to be written in a particular formula. In this article, you will get to know more about the rules of writing a formal letter and about the format of a formal letter. Before we look into the Format of a Formal Letter it is important to know about it, let’s now read the meaning of a formal letter.

What is a Formal Letter?

Before we dive into the format of a formal letter, first let’s understand what a formal letter is and for what purpose it is being used for the understanding of the candidates.

  • A formal letter is written for official purposes.
  • The tone of the letter is formal and structured. The agenda is to send across official information.
  • Formal letters may be written to institutions, government departments, business letters, etc.

2562+ FREE LETTER Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages, Microsoft Excel (XLS), Google Sheets (SPREADSHEETS) Any kinds of letter can be made with the Writing Template where each of their formats can be set up using the functions presented in each page sample. It has features like font effects. Most of the business letter is written following an official letter format. This letter format is basically polished and easy to read. A business letter must include a few basic points such as – date, content or body of the letter, name and address of both sender and recipient.Structure to be followed for writing a business letter. The first section in the relieving letter format should consist of the date of issuance of the letter so as to avoid any dispute. Employee’s Details Following the date, the personal details of the resigning employee which includes their full name, employee ID, designation, department and the name of the organization has to be mentioned.

Download Format of Formal Letter & Writing Style PDF

Types of Formal Letter

The formal letter is of various types and is used in all organizations (Government or Private) as a means of communication. Formal letters are used for internal as well as external communication. The types of formal letters are mentioned below.

  • Letter of Enquiry
  • Order Letter
  • Letter of Complaint
  • Reply to a Letter of Complaint
  • Promotion Letter
  • Sales Letters
  • Recovery Letters

Format of Formal Letter for SSC MTS

The tone of a formal letter is professional and serious and most of the sentences are generally complex and add specific meaning to the writing, and are meant for the understanding of the reader. The format of a formal letter is standard and applies to all, therefore, The main intention is to send an official message to the receiver. you must follow the format mentioned below!

Letter Writing Format Pdf Download Free

The formal of formal letter comprises of following elements:

  1. Sender’s Address
  2. Date
  3. Receiver’s Address
  4. Subject (Purpose of writing the letter)
  5. Salutation
  6. Body of the letter
  7. Ending ( Best Regards, Yours truly, Best Wishes, etc)
  8. Signature line→ sender’s name, signature, and Designation

Example of Format Letter Layout

1) Address

The first thing as part of the format of a formal letter is the Address of the sender and the receiver:

Senders’ Address – Always write your address on the left-hand corner, you need to mention your street address, city, state, pin code, and your contact number.

Receiver’s Address – Always mention the receiver’s address in the right-hand corner just below the date.

2) Date & Salutation

Formal Letter Template Word Download

The second important thing as part of the format of a formal letter is the Date and the Salutation

DateThe date should always be placed just below the sender’s address with a line gap.

Salutation“Dear Sir/Madam” suffices, if you know the name of the person, address them directly ensure that you address them formally using “Rev.”, “Dr.”, “Mr.“, “Mrs.“, or “Ms.“, and include their full name.

3) Subject & Body

Next in line with the format of the formal letter is the Subject and the Body of the letter:

Subject – Subject is the agenda or purpose of writing the letter. Write the subject of the letter, keep it brief, and if possible in one line only.

Formal letter template word download templates

Body TextAlways organize the writing into paragraphs, the writing should include sophisticated vocabulary, standard spellings, and punctuation. the reason behind using paras is to keep the reader interested and to separate one point from another, it’s always about giving as much clarity as possible to the reader.

  • The 1st paragraph also known as Introduction should be short and on point, mention the purpose of the letter in the first paragraph itself so that the reader is clear about your intentions behind writing the letter.
  • The paragraphs in the middle are also called the body of the letter and it should contain some relevant details concerning the purpose stated in the 1st para.
  • The last paragraph also known as the conclusion should talk about the action you expect the recipient of the letter to take. Maintain a requesting tone in the last paragraph as much as you can.

4) Ending

Another thing as part of the format of a formal letter is the Ending, which means how to conclude the formal letter:

Ending of a formal letterSign off with an appropriate closing statement followed by your signature and full name, the most preferred salutations are – Yours Faithfully, Your Sincerely, etc. Signing off with an appropriate statement signifies that you hold the receiver in high regard.

5) Signature Line

The last thing as part of the format of a formal letter is the signature at the of the formal letter

Signature Line of a formal letter – The sender must mention name, signature, and designation in the working company if applicable. It helps the receiver to acknowledge the senders’ information.

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Type-wise Format of Formal Letter

Below, we have mentioned in detail all the types of formal letters, their purpose, and their respective examples. Go through them carefully, understand how all the letters are different from each other

• Letter of Enquiry

The agenda behind writing this letter is to collect information about something or someone. Here you should mention why you expect the sender to give you particular information.

Format of Formal Letter: Collecting Information

Points To Remember:

  • Always start with a brief introduction about yourself
  • Try including the name of the concerned organization
  • Mention relevant details about the area of inquiry
  • Include deadlines by which you need the information(Including deadlines signifies the urgency)

Example of Letter of Enquiry

• Order Letter

Order letters are basically the purchase order letter, where the sender is ordering a particular commodity. Purchase order letters are usually drafted by the purchasing department of any organization.

Format of Formal Letter: Booking Orders.

Points To Remember:

  • Details of the order must be stated clearly including complete information like the quantity of the goods, model number (if available), etc.
  • Mention proper information related to the shipping like the mode of shipping, shipping location and the desired date for the goods to be shipped must be clearly stated.
  • Payment Related inquiries must also be stated clearly including the mode of payment, date of payment, or terms and conditions regarding payment.

Example of Order Letter

• Letter of Complaint

Letter Of Complaint is usually written to make the receiver aware of the issues that you are facing and how you expect him/her to resolve those issues as early as possible.

Format of Formal Letter: Registering Complaints

Points To Remember:

  • Use polite yet assertive words regarding complaint issues.
  • Mention the complaint in detail, the reader should be fully aware about the issue n order to address it.
  • Specify the action you want the recipient to take, it would signify that you are just not pointing out the problem, you are providing a solution to it.
  • Provide order information including the date of arrival, order number, or the details of the previous complaint (if any)
  • Specify the expected response time, if you keep deadlines, it signifies the importance of the issue.
  • Attach a copy or a specimen of the invoice or any other receipt

    Example of Letter of Complaint

• Reply to a Letter of Complaint

This letter is written to signify that the letter is received and you will be taking the required actions as soon as possible. It creates a positive impact in the mind of the receiver that his/her issues were taken seriously.

Format of Formal Letter: Reply to the Letter of Complaint

Points To Remember:

  • Apologize for the error from your side
  • Mention the course of actions you will take for the concerned issues and the time required to do so
  • Assure the customer for no more future grievances and troubles
  • Be very clear and specific about every detail

Example of Reply to a Letter of Complaint

• Promotion Letter

Format of Formal Letter: Promotion of new developments and up-gradation.

Points To Remember:

  • Use clear, error-free sentences expressing definite terms
  • Proper use of punctuation and correct spelling
  • Avoid slang, fancy terminologies of jargon
  • Clearly discuss the promotion
  • Avoid using abbreviations

    Example of Promotion Letter

• Sales Letters

Format of Formal Letter: Sale Intention.

The purpose of this letter is to make a sales pitch. You are informing the receiver about your new product which you have recently launched and how will it be beneficial to that person. Make sure you mention all the Unique Selling Points of your product in the letter

Points To Remember:

  • The language must be formal
  • Avoid slang and use of abbreviations
  • The content must be clear, concise and understandable
  • Pay attention towards the targeted audience
  • Provide proper details, features, uses of a newly launched product

Example of Sales Letter

• Recovery Letters

Recovery letters are basically loan recovery letters, where you are requesting the receiver to clear off the debts if they have failed to clear it on time.

Letter Writing Format Pdf Download For Experienced

Format of Formal Letter: Collect money from a client or a customer

Points To Remember:

  • The language of the remainder must be polite
  • The detailed information and the reasons must be clear and understandable by the client
  • The language should be formal
  • Provide the detail of legal action in case of non-payment or further delay in clearing the dues

Example of Recovery Letter

Now, that you know all about the complete Format of Formal Letters and in case you want to read more about the SSC MTS Descriptive Test, read the articles mentioned below!

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Format of Formal Letter- Tips on how to write a letter

Now that we are clear with the format of the formal letter, let’s understand some basic tips and strategies to be kept in mind while writing the letter.

  1. Strengthen the Basics first

Begin by learning the fundamentals of how to create a formal letter in a general format, then moving on to different letter templates. You may also take a look at these letter samples pertaining to their objective.

  1. Learn with Samples

There are numerous sorts of letters to pick from if you like to learn by doing, including cover letters, interview thank-you letters, follow-up letters, job acceptance or rejection letters, resignation letters, inquiry letters, appreciation letters, etc.

  1. Understand the format properly

It is extremely important to follow the format of a formal letter properly and understand it thoroughly before you dive into writing the letter. Spend as much time as possible to clear the basics of formal letter format and then head forward.

Format of Formal Letter- Tips of Formatting

Candidates must check the tips of formatting as part of the Formal Letter given below to understand the basics in an advanced way:

  • Make the purpose of your letter obvious in your letter; it should be basic and targeted.
  • Justify your letter on the left side.
  • Leave a space between each paragraph and a single space in your letter.
  • Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New, or Verdana are examples of plain fonts. The font should be 10 or 12 points in size.
  • After the salutation and before the ending, leave a blank line.
  • Rather than using colorful paper or personal stationery, business letters should always be printed on white bond paper.
  • Here’s what to add and how to structure your signature if you’re sending an email letter.
  • Always check the spellings and the grammatical errors after finishing writing your letter.

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We hope that you find this article on the Format of formal letters helpful. As mentioned above, various competitive examinations test your letter writing skills. Letter writing is not only useful for examination purpose but letter writing skill also comes handy in your all walks of life, hence it is important to learn letter writing and remember it. If you have any queries related to this article, mention them below. Also, you can get updates regarding the upcoming government recruitments and examinations download the most trustedTestbook App available free on the play store.

Format of Formal Letter Related FAQs


A formal letter comprises 6 elements: the Address (Sender’s/Receiver’s), Date, Salutation, Subject, Body Text & Ending.


A Formal letter is started with either a Sender’s Address or Receiver’s Address.
Senders’ Address – It should be written on the left-hand corner, it should include your street address, city, state, pin code, and your contact number.
Receiver’s Address – Mention the recipient’s address in the right-hand corner just below the date.


The letter is signed off with an appropriate closing statement followed by your signature and full name, the most preferred salutations are – Yours Faithfully, Your Sincerely, etc.


Formal letters are usually sent via email. Some of the government letters come via posts, even today.

Q.5 Is it important to segregate your letter in different paragraphs?

Formal Letter Template Word Download Pdf

Yes, it is very much important to segregate letters in different paragraphs so that the receiver has clarity.

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Informal letters may have been the easier question to answer during an examination, but people can agree that formal or official letters hold a larger importance in our lives. There is a standard format that all official letters have regardless of the subject matter. Official letters are not to be confused for business letters.In order to understand the difference, search for an official letter sample online. There are a number of options available for your benefit!

What is an official letter?

Letters written with the intention of addressing complaints, queries; applications for jobs, leaves, permission or to officials for certain obligations, government purposes, or a simple correspondence between two institutions comprise official letters. They are written with very specific intent and purposes, addressing necessary concerns and requests.

Importance of official letters

It is very important to know how to write an official letter format, since it is based on this format that major aspects are addressed. There are many situations that arise in which an individual may need to address a variety of issues with an institution or when applying for their first job. A well written letter holds more weight than one would imagine; it definitely weighs on your ability to land the job you want.The importance of an official letter cannot be understated. In order for your letter to be appreciated and noticed, it has to be exceptionally well written. Mastering the art of writing a good letter for official purposes will prove to be extremely beneficial in the long run.

What is the purpose of an official letter?

  • They serve as a means of communication between two institutions, an individual and an institution, heads of department, etc.
  • Business proposals, invitations and requests can be made via these letters. Professional official letter template can easily accommodate company letterheads and logos which makes them perfect for business correspondence.
  • Used for requests and appreciation of various services.
  • Important for letters of introduction, cover letters, etc.
  • Serve as a source of evidence and documented proof for legal proceedings or simply to clear any misunderstandings.
  • Provides information regarding official conversations and transactions that have occurred between two consenting parties.
  • It promotes and sustains a sense of goodwill.
  • Establishes a means of communication and connection between those in correspondence.
  • Good format engages the reader and draws them towards the point of importance.
  • In reference to CV’s and cover letters, it establishes your communication skills.
  • It showcases your professionalism and establishes grounds for any communication.
  • Could provide a preventive measure or solution to a problem that has not been previously addressed. Thus, brings to light many issues that may not have been noticed.
Though used for a variety of purposes, the format remains the same. An official letter template is easily available online for downloading. By using this template, you can surely frame a letter that can help to address certain important issues. These templates are an ideal framework stating exactly how to deal with such letters and write the best of them. They are created by experts who aim at enhancing letter formatting and formulating abilities. Professional templates are available in a variety of user friendly formats like MS Word, MS Excel and PDF.

How to write an official letter format

Regardless of the reasons for your letter, there is a standard format that you are required to follow throughout. The format must be neat, informative, simple and easy to understand. Simply search for an official letter example online for a more detailed idea. Below are the steps that are to be followed while writing an official letter:
  • On the top left hand side of the page, place the sender’s name, address and telephone number.
  • Right below that, write the date in full. For example, write 26th September 2016 instead of 26 – 08 – 2016 or 26/08/2016.
  • Once you have completed this, write the name, job title and address of the recipient.
  • The above should all be done on the left hand side of the page in capital letters.
  • The next line should state the reason for the letter; whether it is an application for a request or addressing a problem you are facing.
  • Dear Sir/Madam is reasonable salutation before you move on to the body or content.
  • When writing the content, the first paragraph should be warm and briefly addressing the reason for the letter. The second paragraph should state your purpose with various details and facts. While, the third paragraph should conclude your purpose of the letter, requesting due consideration.
  • End your letter with a simple ‘Thanking You’, ‘Sincerely’ or any other appropriate salutation followed by your name.
  • Beyond this, you may mention any attachments that you have placed along with it.
  • Leave enough space so that you can sign the letter without it looking cramped or untidy.
  • If you are unsure about how to write an official letter format consult professional templates for further guidance.

Writing an official letter for a government official

An official letter format to government differs, slightly, from any other official letter meant for a job application or complaint purposes. Below, are a few suggestions that you should focus on when writing a government related letter:
  • You should know the officials name, or at the very least his designation, so that you can address the letter appropriately.
  • Look up government related websites for information on the person you want to write the letter to. These sites will usually have an address attached to the person.
  • If you are not writing to any specific person, but a department, contact your Department of Homeland security for more information on how to get a letter through.
  • Letters may be filtered through many people before they reach the person concerned. In order for your letter to receive approval ensure that it is brief, polite, well-written, thoughtful and appropriately addressed.
  • Because of the filtration system, keep your letter brief and clear. Make your objective known with precision. This will hold the attention of whoever is reading it and they are more likely to pass it on to a higher authority.

Letter Writing Pdf Download

Look through an official letter format sample before you decide to write one. Ensure that you have covered every formatting aspect. In case you are not sure, you can surely download them and simply fill in the details. In this way both time and energy would be saved. When writing for such a specific purpose you may want to personalize the official template to suit your needs. Professional templates are flexible and designed to accommodate numerous customizations without a hitch, formats are versatile and may be used different purposes like an official letter format for request or an official letter format to government, so choose the format that you need.

Writing an official letter for a request

Formal Letter Template Word Download Microsoft

The official letter format for request is fairly simple. You can avail an official letter template for getting a clearer idea on how it is written. These few steps will ensure that you cover all your bases.
  • Firstly, depending on your request, you must figure out who will be able to grant it. This is easily accessible knowledge that you can get from the company’s secretary. You should have the full name, address and job title of the person concerned.
  • Just like every other official letter the body of the letter remains the same. The addresses, salutations, etc., all remain in the same place.
  • Remember that requests take time to process because the person you are addressing probably has other tasks that require his/her attention. Usually, a request takes two weeks to process.
  • If your request is time sensitive, mention it without being demanding.
  • Introduce yourself in a line or two so that the person concerned knows exactly whose request they are granting.
  • Whenever you make a request it is very important to be polite and patient but affirmative, clear and direct.
  • As you will notice in any official letter example that can be found online, there needs to be a 1” margin right around the body of the letter and single spaces between words.
  • Font should be clear and crisp, around 12 point. Fancy font will be difficult to read and a complete waste of time.

Important points to keep in mind

  • Keep your letter simple. There is no need for fancy font, different colors, or anything else. At most, place your company logo as the letter head.
  • Do not divert from the point you are trying to make or reasons for writing the letter.
  • Be polite but firm in statements and requests.
  • Address whoever you intend to appropriately and with proper salutations.
  • Use a simple white envelope to place your letter in.
  • Place the senders name and address neatly in the top left of the envelope.
  • The recipient’s name and address should be in the center, clearly written.
  • There should be a clear structure. Every point should follow the other without seeming haphazard.
Effortlessly avail of an official letter sample online that can be used as a guide to writing letters. Some letters are written with slight variations in where addresses are placed or the kind of salutations used. Download any number of templates and use one which suits your requirements. Professional service is economical, hassle free and saves you time and effort. Just print out a template, fill in your details, sign and send. You can even order templates in bulk to keep at hand whenever you need them.

Available Official Letter Format Sample

Since people live in the age of technology and the internet, something as simple as an official letter format sample can easily be found. There are scores of templates that you can choose from. Each template can be downloaded and saved to your computer or laptop for later use. They are also available in a number of formats like MS Word or an e-mail format.Your choice of format or template depends on entirely on your need and how you intend on using it. This is a simple factor you need to keep in mind when deciding on the type of format you would like before downloading a template.

Formal Letter Format Word Download

Official Letter PDF

Ms Word Formal Letter Template

An official letter PDF format is by far the most popular because of its ease of customization. It is also simpler to e-mail a letter in this format without worrying about anyone manipulating it. It is definitely preferred over letters in the word format which tend to be simpler and basic in comparison. PDF formats of letters are a lot more compact as well.Ease of access has made getting a hold of an official letter PDF much simpler these days. Before settling on one template, you can flip through and sample the ones you find appealing. Customize fonts, texts, headers, borders, and every other aspect of your template before purchasing it.What are waiting for? Get your template now!