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  1. Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis) เป็นศัลยแพทย์ที่เห็นความ.
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2018, Mystery & thriller/Action, 1h 47m. Death Wish is little more than a rote retelling that lacks the grit and conviction of the original.


Paul Kersey, who lives with his wife Lucy and college-bound daughter Jordan, works as a trauma surgeon at a Chicago hospital. During the Kerseys’ lunch, Paul’s brother, Frank, asks him to lend some money to pay off a debt, to which Paul reluctantly agrees. As the Kerseys leave, Frank gives the valet, Miguel, the keys to their car and joyfully tells him that Paul has “got the money”. Miguel goes to pick the car up, but also take pictures of Paul’s address from their car. On the night the Kerseys are to have a birthday dinner, three masked men invade the Kerseys’ home while Paul is at work. Both Jordan and Lucy are shot; Paul is informed at the hospital that Lucy died and Jordan fell into a coma. Police Detective Kevin Raines is one of the officers tasked with the investigation.


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Outraged that the police are unable to solve the crime, Paul becomes a vigilante stalking the city streets to deliver his own brand of justice and to find the men who ambushed his family. When a gang member is brought in to the hospital after getting shot, Paul steals his weapon after it falls off the table. He proceeds to prevent a carjacking, a video of which goes viral; Paul is dubbed Chicago’s “Grim Reaper”. Later, Paul finds his watch on Miguel’s wrist when the latter is hospitalized. Paul orders one of the doctors to defibrillate Miguel’s heart three times, killing him. Paul discovers a photograph on Miguel’s phone with his address. The phone receives a text, telling him to meet at a bar in the suburbs. At the bar, Paul talks to the owner, Ponytail, and says that he was sent by Miguel. A suspicious Ponytail secretly messages Fish, his partner in crime.

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Death Wish 2018 Full Movie Download Free

Starring: Bruce Willis, Vincent D’Onofrio, Elisabeth Shue, Dean Norris, Kimberly Elise,