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Download Affinity Revolution's templates for free. Affinity Designer Work Book Core Skills Images. All 34 Paperback Templates, with Cover Templates in Affinity Publisher. Download templates instantly in a variety of file formats When you purchase or use the free Publisher templates from StockLayouts, you can also download the same design in different file formats including: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Publisher, Apple Pages, QuarkXPress, and CorelDraw.

Affinity Publisher templates can be a helpful addition to any print project, saving you both time and money. Let's take a look at some awesome, Affinity Publisher compatible design templates available for download right now.

Did you know that Affinity Publisher, as of update 1.8, can now work with Adobe InDesign IDML files? Your master pages, your text styles, your page numbering—they'll all carry over! Exciting, right?

Looking for Affinity Publisher template inspiration? Check out the 10 Best Affinity Publisher Templates over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:

Where to Find the Best Affinity Publisher Templates With Unlimited Use

It's no secret that design templates can help save us time, and having templates, assets, and resources at hand can give any design project a boost.

So let's take a look at some awesome templates that are Affinity Publisher friendly. Envato Elements has thousands of professional resources to check out, including many templates that come with Affinity Publisher files or importable IDML files.

The best part is, you get templates, graphics, photographs, fonts, and more, for one fee. That's unlimited Affinity Publisher templates downloads for one low price.

This means you can check out all the templates you want, and there are no additional costs to worry about. Need to add a photo? Envato Elements has got you covered—it's all included.

Check out some awesome template designs; they're just a sample of all the goodness out there that's now Affinity Publisher friendly.

What if a subscription isn't your thing? Do you prefer to buy Affinity Publisher templates one at a time? Then scroll down after the Envato Elements collection. We've got ten hand-picked top Affinity design templates from Envato Market.

Affinity Publisher Resume Templates From Envato Elements

1. CV Resume Template (AI, EPS, INDD, PSD)

Check out this simple and clean resume template. It's got different layout options and can be imported into Affinity Publisher. Would you stick with the green or customize the layout to work with a different color?

2. Resume Design Template (INDD)

Doesn't this cover letter look professional? It comes with a matching resume design too! Add your own content, customize the colors, and make it your own.

3. Resume Template (INDD)

Import this resume design into Affinity Publisher, using the included IDML files—there are four different layout options to choose from, too!

4. Magazine Template Design (INDD)

This professional magazine template makes creating your own magazine a snap. Now, it's easier than ever to dig right in, too—import the included IDML into Affinity Designer and make your magazine happen.

5. Classy CV Resume Template (AI, EPS, INDD, PSD)

This CV template also includes a matching design for your cover letter. Visual consistency can help unify your overall visual presentation. This template is a great example of that!

6. Resume Template Design (INDD)

If you're looking to have a large image as a focal point in your resume design, then check out this resume design template. There's a large, dedicated space for your photos, but plenty of well-organized space for your other content, too.

7. CV Resume Template (AI, EPS, INDD, PSD)

This resume design features a key color—what color typically represents your professional brand? Import this one into Affinity Publisher via the included IDML files and easily experiment with these colors.

8. Resume Design Template (AI, EPS, INDD, PSD)

Simple, clean, and professional—that's this resume design template in a nutshell! Even better, it includes IDML files, so you can jump right into Affinity Publisher with this one.

9. Template Resume Design (AI, EPS, INDD)

This blocky, grid-based aesthetic works really well, doesn't it? Mix and match the colors, add your content, and make this resume design template your own.

Affinity Publisher Brochure Templates From Envato Elements

10. Affinity Publisher Brochure Template (INDD, PSD)

This brochure template comes packaged with multiple file types, including an AFPUB file, native to Affinity Publisher. It's a versatile one too; this trifold brochure could work for so many situations and projects!

11. Bifold Brochure Template (INDD)

Prefer a bifold brochure template? Check out this professionally designed template. Use the included IDML files to jump into this design in Affinity Publisher.

12. Trifold Brochure Template Design (INDD)

This trifold brochure template has plenty of space for your photos and content. It's easy to customize too; just import it and start making your edits in a snap.

13. Template Brochure Design (INDD)

Looking for a classy layout that's plenty versatile? This brochure template design could be right up your alley. Remix it for a whole host of design projects.

14. Patterned Trifold Brochure Design Template (INDD)

This trifold brochure comes in two different sizes for your convenience. Take a look at this one; the interior is just as lovely as the patterned exterior.

15. Law Firm Brochure Design Template (INDD)

If you're looking to work with a trustworthy, serious aesthetic, check out this brochure design. However, that's not to say it couldn't work for a variety of projects—imagine this one with a different color scheme, for example.

16. Trifold Invitation Brochure Template (INDD)

This trifold brochure utilizes typography in a creative way. Import the IDML files into Affinity Publisher and easily customize the text—this template uses free fonts too.

17. Trifold Brochure Template (INDD)

Whether you're looking to design a brochure for your business venture or an event, this brochure template could fit the bill. Change the color and add your photos to create the perfect aesthetic for your project.

18. Watch Trifold Template Brochure (INDD)

Do you have a product to advertise? This template was designed with watches in mind, but it could be a great fit for showing off any product! Add product photos at multiple angles to show off your work.

19. Fashion Trifold Brochure Design Template (INDD)

Isn't this a classy design? This is another great fit for showing off your product—but this brochure template design could also be used to advertise a sale or even for invitations!

20. Design Brochure Trifold Template (INDD)

Bold color and experimental type can make for a really interesting and memorable design! This template has a lot of style—and it's easy to import it into Affinity Publisher with the included IDML file.

Affinity Publisher Flyer Templates From Envato Elements

21. Brand Guidelines Poster Flyer (INDD)

Affinity Publisher Templates Free

This poster has a sleek, modern style—and it comes with native files for both Affinity Publisher and Affinity Designer. Whether you're looking to show off your brand guidelines or to adapt this work for a different focus, this one is a great addition to your collection of assets.

22. Fashion Flyer Template Design (INDD)

Need a flyer for your upcoming sale? Or perhaps you're looking for just the right design to adapt into a poster. This flyer design has a lot of emphasis on photography; give it a try!

23. Furniture Flyer Template Design (INDD)

This design is separated into equal blocks, and there's plenty of space to show off your content. Whether you're looking to show off products or showcase services, this flyer is easy to customize to fit a wide variety of needs.

24. Flyer Design Template (INDD)

There's so much classy, clean space in this design. This is also a really versatile design; import it into Affinity Publisher and try it out with a variety of different images.

25. Properties Flyer Design Template (INDD)

This real estate flyer is a classy choice—but not necessarily exclusively for real estate. Remember, these templates can be mixed, matched, and remixed to your heart's desire! Why not add this one to your collection?

26. Cleaning Service Template Flyer (INDD, PSD)

This template comes bundled with both Adobe Photoshop files and INDD/IDML files—so, now, with the latest update, you can import this right into Affinity Publisher.

27. Flyer Design Template (INDD)

This flyer is double-sided—perfect for projects where you have extra content to share with your target audience. It's easy to import and customize this layout to meet your project's goals. Give it a try today.

28. Resort Flyer Design Template (INDD)

Isn't this a welcoming design? It's so easy to get lost in the beautiful imagery! Imagine this template with your content instead—what photos would you add to this template?

29. Flyer Template Design (INDD)

Simplicity can be really elegant. Check out the use of type in this flyer design template. It's very versatile and could be used in so many design situations.

30. Spa Flyer Design Template (INDD)

The gray and gold here make for a soft and classy aesthetic, don't they? This was designed for spas in mind, but remember—this template is fully customizable! Take it into Affinity Publisher and make it your own.

31. Property Flyer Design Template (INDD)

It's easy to add your own content to flyer design templates like this one. Want to test out other colors? Maybe you're not sure which of your photos would work best? Download it today and give it a try—the included IDML file can be imported into Affinity Publisher.

32. Yoga Classes Poster/Flyer Template Design (INDD)

Advertising a class or event? How about a flyer design to help get the word out? This one has a lot of emphasis on imagery—perfect for showing off your studio, teacher, or other imagery that evokes just the right response in your target audience.

Affinity Publisher Multipage Templates From Envato Elements

33. Magazine Design Template (INDD)

Affinity Publisher is a great fit for working with multipage documents. Check out this versatile template. It's got 28 pages to work with and includes IDML files, perfect for importing into Affinity Publisher.

34. Affinity Publisher Portfolio Template (INDD)

This classy design includes 32 pages—that's a lot! Not only that, it includes native files for both Affinity Publisher and Affinity Designer. This template is both versatile and convenient!

35. Newsletter Design Template (INDD)

If you're working on a newsletter, how about turning to a template? It can help speed up the process—this template has 12 unique layouts and only uses free fonts.

36. Magazine Template Design (INDD)

Looking for a multi-page template with a large bundle of pages? This one has an impressive 40 different pages to choose from. Mix and match them to meet the goals of your publication.

37. Lookbook Multipage Design Template (INDD)

But maybe your multi-page document is more photo-centric. How about a lookbook design, like this one? Import the included IDML file into Affinity Publisher and try out the 38 pages included.

38. Fashion Lookbook Catalog Template Design (INDD)

Sometimes, landscape is a more advantageous orientation—and breaking away from the norm can also make for a memorable presentation. Check out this multi-page template design. It could be a great fit for portfolios, lookbooks, and more.

39. Magazine Template Design (INDD)

This fun design template comes in two sizes—both A4 and US Letter. Click to check out the included layouts; there's so much to work with here! Download and import this one into Affinity Publisher today.

40. Magazine Layout Design Template (INDD)

Aren't these lovely layout designs? They could be such a nice fit for eye-catching photography, art books, cookbooks, and more. Master pages are preserved when importing IDML files into Affinity Publisher, so download, import, and get designing.

41. Magazine Template Design (INDD)

Choose from 20 different page designs in this multi-page template. Remember to import the included IDML file when working in Affinity Publisher. Install the free fonts used in this template, and you'll be great to dig right in.

42. Multipage Magazine Design Template (INDD)

There are 38 pages to choose from in this multi-page design template. Remember, you can mix and match them—maybe one of these pages would work well for a flyer! This is a versatile addition to anyone's collection.

10 Top Affinity Publisher Templates From Envato Market

If you prefer to buy Affinity design templates one at a time, visit Envato Market. You don't need a subscription. Just buy the Affinity Publisher template you need for your project. Here's a hand-picked selection for you:

1. Affinity Publisher Brochure Templates Pack (INDD, AFPUB)

If you're renewing your office's stationery, you need this complete pack of Affinity Publisher brochure templates. These brochure templates feature a minimal and professional look, perfect for businesses. The Affinity Publisher brochure templates are high resolution and print-ready. You'll get:

  • Trifold – 3 x A4 size
  • Trifold – 3 x US size
  • Bifold – 2 x A4 size
  • Bifold – 2 x US size

2. Affinity Publisher Brochure Templates Bundle (INDD, PSD, AFPUB)

This is brand-new set of Affinity Publisher templates. You'll get everything you need in one download. The pack comes with seven editable Affinity Publisher templates:

  • Trifold brochure templates (A4 and US Letter)
  • Trifold square template (20x20 cm)
  • Trifold brochure templates (A5 and Half Letter)
  • Bifold brochure templates (A4 and US Letter)
  • Bifold brochure landscape templates (A5 and Half Letter)
  • Resume template (A4)
  • Business card template (3.5x2 inch)

3. Cookbook Affinity Publisher Template (INDD, AFPUB)

Have you ever wanted to publish a cookbook? You need modern Affinity design templates like this.

The Cookbook Affinity Publisher template features a clean, image-focused design. You'll get 34 pages in A4 and US Letter size. This template uses free fonts and is print-ready.

4. Modern Resume Affinity Publisher Template (INDD, PSD, AFPUB)

Are you looking for Affinity design templates to renew your resume? This is a great option. You'll get two Affinity Publisher templates: a cover letter and a resume. The pack comes in A4 and US Letter size. You'll get dark and light versions at 300 DPI CMYK.

5. Company Bundle Affinity Publisher Templates (INDD, AFPUB, PSD, AI)

These Affinity Publisher templates are great if you're working on several professional projects. You can edit them in all the popular design software and MS Word. You'll get ten Affinity design templates in A4 and US Letter sizes. The print-ready items are:

  1. Project Proposal
  2. Brand Manual and Guidelines
  3. Lookbook and Portfolio
  4. Annual Report
  5. Business Plan
  6. Product Catalog
  7. Web Questionnaire
  8. Social Media Proposal
  9. Corporate Stationery
  10. Full Invoice Set

6. Affinity Publisher Trifold Brochure Template (INDD, PSD, AFPUB)

Sometimes all you need are trifold brochure templates. These Affinity Publisher templates are a great option.

The trifold brochure doubles as a resume template. You can present your experience and education in a different way. If it doesn't convince you, remember you can edit all the content. This template comes in A4 and US Letter sizes.

7. Magazine Template For Affinity Publisher (INDD, AFPUB)

Do you want a modern magazine template for your next project? Try professional Affinity Publisher templates like this one.

This magazine template has 36 pages in A4 and US Letter size. It comes with automatic page numbers and free fonts. It's a really cool Affinity Publisher portfolio template.

8. Bifold Brochure Template (INDD, PSD, AFPUB)

If a trifold isn't for you, perhaps you can use bifold brochure templates. These Affinity design templates are A3 and US Tabloid size. You can easily edit them in InDesign, Photoshop, and Affinity Publisher.

9. Affinity Publisher Newsletter Templates (INDD)

Are you looking for Affinity Publisher newsletter templates? Check this one out. It's a brand-new and print-ready template. You'll get eight A4 pages, three color variations, and master pages.

10. Affinity Publisher Business Card Template (INDD, PSD, AFPUB)

Business cards never go out of style. And this Affinity Publisher business card template is a great alternative. The template has been designed in two color versions, dark and light, and in two dimensions: 3.5 × 2 inches and 85 × 55 mm.

Jump-Start Your Next Project With Affinity Publisher Templates

Affinity Publisher Certificate Template

Thanks for joining me in this selection of awesome Affinity Publisher templates. Which were your favorites?

There's no better time than today to get started on your next design project—and there are so many professionally designed templates over on Envato Elements that can help get you started. One fee, and you're all good for thousands of assets. Remember, that's not just print design templates—that's fonts, graphics, photographs, music, video, and more!

Curious about Affinity Publisher? Want to learn more? Check out these Affinity Publisher tutorials from Envato Tuts+:

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Maria Villanueva. Maria is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

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