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Second part of a video full of free widgets. When I say free I really mean FREE!!! No fees will ever be charged.Free widgets: Free Widgets‚ Themes & Plugins. Use the Pinterest style in your Muse to WordPress website! Masonry utilities is a WordPress plugin t. A complete toolkit for integrate Adobe Muse and WooCommerce in Muse to WordPress. Discover the Adobe Muse WooCommerce toolkit. Start an e-commerce theme from scratch.

Adobe Muse Widgets Bundle. Live Preview Login to download. Installing and Using: 1. Once you’ve Downloaded the widget, extract it to the desired location (Folder). Launch Adobe Muse. Navigated to the place extracted and double click on “## Animate Now using animate.css v1.mulib” than on ”## Animatie Now using Magic.css v1. Share the best reviews about your apartments from Airbnb on your Adobe Muse site. Introduce yourself and your projects through a customizable portfolio. Give your audience the option to get in touch with you on Telegram. Allow people view and download any kind of file (doc, xlsx, pptx, txt, etc.).

Adobe Muse is an acknowledged website builder that provides all the necessary tools to create professional websites with eye-catching designs. With its help, you can quickly build a website without having to write any code lines!

Here you can find 20 best Muse widgets that will extend the functionalities of your website. You can choose between lots of amazing items such as responsive video widgets, 3D panorama packs, scroll animations, responsive lightbox galleries, Instagram widgets, fullwidth YouTube video containers, file uploader widgets, and more.

These Muse widgets can be rapidly customized in a few steps, to meet your every requirement. And, the best part is that you can simply download, edit, and use them, with no coding knowledge required.

3D-Panorama Pack for Adobe Muse

Adobe Widgets Download

This 3d panorama adds an extra amazing feature to your website. You can use this effect for various types of websites, for example, architecture, real-estate, etc.


Tube – Responsive Adobe Muse Video Widget

Free Adobe Widgets

Tube is a professional video widget with a fully responsive layout that will automatically adapt its content to perfectly fit any screen size.


Pop-up Container Adobe Muse Widget

You can use this Adobe Muse widget to display a popup window that you can use to place important info, promotions, etc. This window locks the rest of the website’s content until the user closes it.

Inster – Responsive Instagram Muse Widget

Inster is a responsive Instagram widget that can be quickly inserted into Adobe Muse. You can use it to shares photos and videos from Instagram on your website.

Adobe Widgets Download

Scroll Animations – Scroll Motion Effects

This is an amazing scroll animation that you can add to your website to make it more user-friendly. You have multiple animations to choose from.

Event Animations – Create Your Own Functions And Interactions

You can use this Adobe Muse widget to add neat animations to your content. Add it to your website and customize your own functions and interactions.

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16x Adobe Muse Widgets by Rosea Themes

Rosea Themes is doing a sale and giving their ultimate widget pack. Power up your Muse projects with sixteen different widgets.

Responsive Lightbox Gallery Widget by Muse For You

This excellent Muse widget has the following features: fully responsive, add unlimited items/ gallery, add multiple galleries, animated thumbnails, full-screen support, and more.

Simply Instagram Widget for Adobe Muse v2

Download and use this in your Muse website to add an Instagram widget, with amazing functionalities. It has a fully responsive behavior and you can use it to display no more than 20 images.

Popup Pro Widget for Adobe Muse

This is another popup widget that you can quickly add to your Adobe Muse site. You can quickly customize its features and make it exactly as you want.

AniCount – Counter Animation Effects

AniCount is an excellent widget that can be used to expand your website’s functionalities. Try this out in Adobe Muse to add neat animations.

AniScroll – Scroll Animation Effects

AniScrollis is a beautiful scroll animation that adds a stunning effect to your website. It includes automatic, or manual trigger and in and out animations.

Video Player Adobe Muse Widget

You can use this amazing video player widget into your Muse website. This allows you to host various videos directly into your website.

Before and After Widget for Adobe Muse

This is an easy to set up, mobile friendly, fully responsive widget that you can use to improve your Adobe Muse site. This widget includes a slider that visitors can use to compare both of the images.

Animation of Fall Widget for Adobe Muse

Should you ever use an animation of falling leaves, this widget is the right thing for that exact purpose. Download and use it to animate your website.

Moose Adobe Muse Widget

This is another great Adobe Muse widget which you can insert into your website to improve make it more appealing to visitors.

Rollover Effects for Adobe Muse

You can use this widget to add beautiful animations to any element from your website. This is a simple but very effective manner of adding shadows to your Muse website.

Vertical SlideOut Menu Adobe Muse Widget

Adobe Widgets Download For Windows 10

Here is a fully responsive vertical menu design which you can quickly add and customize. This has a professional design that will get your visitor’s attention.

Cookie Consent Widget for Adobe Muse

This is an amazing widget that displays a cookie disclosure message to your users. See its full features and see what it can do for your website.

Adobe Muse Widgets Download

File Uploader Muse Widget by Muse For You

You can use this Adobe muse widget to quickly add a file uploader form on your website. Your visitors can use it to make direct uploads to your site.

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